Bellevue Square Apple Store

We’ve been told by multiple reliable sources that Microsoft will be opening a store in Bellevue Square. The store, as we are told, will be located in a combination of both the current Tall’s Camera location and Eddie Bauer’s current location. Both Tall’s Camera and Eddie Bauer are relocating to new locations within Bellevue Square in the next few months.

We are also told that the Apple Store may move to a larger location, near where Ann Taylor is located. If this happens, it is not yet clear if Ann Taylor would move locations or close.

This comes only weeks after we wrote an article encouraging Microsoft to open a retail store in Bellevue Square.


  1. You mean the “Apple copy cat wanna be store killer” M$tore?
    The 2 other M$tores they have are barely surviving as it is…NOW we know why BaldyBot Balmer was “visiting” the Bell Sq Apple store so many times.

    Q: Why would anyone shop there when you can get Windows stuff anywhere?

  2. I think having a Microsoft Store at Bellevue Square is a smart move. Just like Nike has their Niketown showcase stores, Microsoft needs to have their own showcase stores to show off and display by knowledgeable employees. Even if it’s not to necessarily make money, I think it makes sense from a marketing perspective.

  3. Would not even set foot in it when it opens. Apple meets allmy needs and their service is amazing. Would be awesome if they moved to a bigger store because the one right now is nearly always packed.

  4. If you don’t like it, don’t shop it there.

    I hope Microsoft, either as a store or as a company, do well. Their presense in the local economy, in all likelihood, just paid a small part of your dinner, Natasha and LLIB, if you live around here.

  5. For the sake of Bellevue/Eastside economy and well being, I truly hope Microsoft continues to succeed and prosper.

  6. How bout extend the Company Store to this location also… allow employees to use their badge/personnel number to buy stuff at employee discount prices.

    Not everyone can make it out to Building 92 during work hours.

  7. Kfed Kevin: sold weak MS stock long time ago & purchased Apple/Google/Amazon stock when they were low.

    I can buy my own dinner thank you without Citizen Gates / Monkey Boy Ballmer’s help ( unlike you M$lave )

  8. Hey Kfed!

    Micro$ith steals from WA. Schools for 100M$ TAX BREAK.

    Q: How is this good for WA economy?

  9. Llib are you serious? You used the little $ symbol and everything too. wow.

  10. KiD: So the $ bothers you but the article ( my point ) did not?
    PS: $ was typed on purpose because of the article about MONEY/economy/tax break for billionaires.

    WOW you are slllloooowww.

  11. Llib, not that I think you have the basic human decency or intelligence for sound argument, but let’s try.

    Assume you do live around Seattle area, you should know that Microsoft employs about 40000 workers here. Those types of jobs have the highest multiplier effects onto the local economy. The 40000 well-paid workers will need to buy houses, eat food, buy cars, not to say that they pay a lot of GST and property taxes – as a result you have cities with better budget balance, more restaurants, more accoutants, constructors, realtors, lawyers, health workers that have jobs.

    I am glad that you made money on Amazon or Apple stocks, but just for the sakes of other working people in WA, it’s good to have a flying Microsoft than a floundering one with us.

    Michael, I think it’s appropriate that the irrelevant comments left by Llib and us to be deleted.

  12. Kfed : I live in downtown Bellevue since 1998.
    I also understand how the economy works without your help.
    Q: what about Microsoft 100 million dollar tax break at the expense of WA education system?
    Q: If Microsoft is doing so well & such friend to all of us, then why are so many non softies suffering & unemployed? Microsoft has laid off THOUSANDS of Washington citizens too.
    Q: If Microsoft is so great then why did Apple just surpass them in market cap value to become the most valuable Fortune 500 Tech Company?
    Q: If Microsoft so great for Seattle then why wasn’t their first MS store in WA instead of waiting for their #3 store to be in Bellevue?

    I yield the floor to you sir.

  13. Can’t we stick to the topic at hand and stop with the belly-aching and grandstanding?

  14. YAHOO NEWS : 05.28.2010 Regarding Microsoft + new jobs:

    Ballmer was in India to underline the future importance of Microsoft’s cloud services platform, in which people use applications hosted online instead of buying, installing and maintaining software on their own computers.

    “India will not only see a surge in consumption of cloud services, driving growth in domestic IT usage, but companies all over the world will look to India for their transition to cloud computing,” he said.

    The technology is expected to create more than 300,000 jobs by 2015 in India, he said.

    Q: WHY wasn’t this created & hosted in WA State to give jobs to WA citizens & Windows users?

  15. Llib, your “points” are too dumb to argue with. I mean they are so dumb that it seems like you are joking and just trying to give people a rise for your own amusement. Not buying it. Next topic.

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  19. Sounds like someone has a misguided beef against Microsoft.

    I’m all for Microsoft opening a store in Bellevue Square! There are plenty of other stores that I never visit, but instead of lamenting about their existence I simply don’t go inside. Perhaps you should do the same, “Llib”.

  20. You look really stupid when you use “M$” instead of MS. As if somehow other companies like Apple don’t enjoy raking in as much cash as possible.

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  22. Nice scoop on the new store. My colleague here at TechFlash, Todd Bishop, located some permits which confirms that Microsoft is indeed setting up shop at Bellevue Square.

    More here:

    John Cook

  23. You’re an idiot. They don’t steal from WA schools. You have absolutely no idea how many millions Microsoft and Bill Gates have donated to schools, especially those in Bellevue.

    If you have ever been in a Bellevue public school, you would have seen the crazy amount of technology in use.

  24. rolf, that site posted by Llib totally looks unbiased and agenda free.

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  26. Why do so many Bellevue teacher & school districts shop at the Bell Sq Apple Store then? Many Bellevue schools have Macs / Mac based media labs. Apple store has student appreciation nights with parents/teachers to spotlight their Mac projects. Even Citizen Gates owns Mac computers & countless MS employees use their MS discount at the Bell Sq Apple stores buying Apple hardware / software. Gates created Office while working as an Apple developer BEFORE Windows existed. Macs run MacOSX/Windows/Unix/Linux software all on one computer.
    Go to WA State Gov web page to read Bill / Budget cuts to schools because of huge tax cut for MS during tight state budget. Get the facts from the State if you do not believe me.

  27. “Many Bellevue schools have Macs / Mac based media labs.” What’s your point? Just because MS has donated money to Bellevue schools that they will require only PC’s running Windows in all the classrooms?

    “Apple store has student appreciation nights with parents/teachers to spotlight their Mac projects.” Don’t you think that the MSFT store will do the same thing? It’s kind of hard to have a student appreciation night at your store… without a store. LOL

    “Even Citizen Gates owns Mac computers & countless MS employees use their MS discount at the Bell Sq Apple stores buying Apple hardware / software.” One of the reasons MSFT employees use macs is to understand the competition as well as to develop new ideas to improve future products. In the business world, you have to be able to adapt and change as your customers do. In order to do that you have to know what your competition is doing. My buddy at MSFT says that they don’t frown upon using macs.

    But it’s obvious that you simply don’t like MSFT and anything we say won’t sway your opinion.

  28. New Microsoft Store #3 opens in Denver, CO on June 10, 2010.

    After all Seattle WA has done for Microsoft, why were we not the #1 Store?

  29. Please do not feed the trolls.

  30. Why the hate? Don’t like the home team or the fact MS is the #1 employer in the state?

  31. “Q: WHY wasn’t this created & hosted in WA State to give jobs to WA citizens & Windows users?”

    There aren’t 300,000 qualified people in WA state to do those jobs. Did you somehow think WA is the world leader in call centers?

  32. C’mon Y’all…Bill & Steve kissed & made up, so why can’t we? Can’t we all just get along? Where’s the love, dog?

    Peace Out

  33. I think it’s a great idea to have an MS store…but I do wonder what took so long?

  34. RT @dtbellevue
    Loud construction @ future Microsoft Store in Bellevue Square.