About 16 months after Bill the Butcher opened its doors in Downtown Bellevue, it is now closing. In a memo taped on the doors of the shop, the company claims, “We did not have an occupancy permit, and never had enough electricity to be operational (which is why you never saw our sign turned on), we had to make a sad and difficult decision to pull up our steaks from our Bellevue location.”

The memo also states, “To power our shop it would have required digging a tunnel through the parking lot and under Main Street, and our landlord was unwilling to work with us to undertake this project.”

Bill the Butcher will open a new shop on the Eastside in Kirkland.

Hopefully in the future they can find a new location in Bellevue with enough electricity. I’m sure there will be plenty of real estate agents willing to help them with that simple requirement!

Bill the Butcher in Bellevue CLoses


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  2. Where was the health departemnt on this one? How can a food service operation run, without an occupancy permit? And if this did occue, why would you share that information? How did they keep the meat “out of the danger zone” when they couldn’t light a sign?

  3. @Deba: I was actually thinking the same thing, but I didn’t know how to put it. 🙂

  4. Hi Deba,

    There is a difference between a health permit and a occupancy permit. During Bill the Butcher’s time in Bellevue, we had all required health permits and passed every health inspector visit.
    Our Bellevue location received a temporary occupancy permit upon opening, and the greater electrical capacity issues of the building were the hold up on getting that status changed.

    Terri Ann Johnson, Bill the Butcher

  5. Thanks for the clarification!

  6. Why would you move into an inadequate location in the first place? Did they not realize that there wasn’t adequate power before they moved in….

    Also, power was the least of their concerns as they never had any meat anyway, went there three times and were out of everything.

    Bad business in my opinion, and whoever is unlucky enough to have these jokers open in their neighborhood should prepare to eat a lot of salad…

  7. I like Bill the Butcher and I never had a problem with their inventory. Because the meat is local and fresh they do sell out…this happens at Pike Place Market also. Sell what you have.
    I’m glad they are moooooving to Kirkland.

  8. I am sorry it didn’t work out at that location. I will be looking forward to visiting you at your other locations. Good luck in the future!

  9. I was never impressed with this butcher shop. We have found Golden Steer on BelRed Road to be superior. Maybe the move will help Bill.

  10. Was completely ignored in this store. There was only one other customer and I was never greeted or acknowledged. The meat was overpriced and there wasn’t much of it. I walked out.

  11. Overlake Hospital would greatly appreciate the donation of this space for 2 weeks in September to hold their annual Estate Sale.

    Please contact me regarding this opportunity to contribute to our medical community – serving the east side.

    Thank you,
    Kay Bowman
    Executive Committee Member
    Chair Overlake Hospital Bandage Ball 2012