On Tuesday, February 28th the Bellevue Downtown Association will host one of their regularly scheduled breakfast meetings. The topic will be regarding building a new arena in the greater Seattle area, with the hopes of attracting an NBA and/or NHL team. Brian Robinson of ArenaSolution.org, an organization focused on bringing a stadium to the Puget Sound, will be the featured speaker.

Recent news of a possible stadium in the SODO district has brought this topic to the forefront. It has also been rumored that Bellevue is a contender to build a stadium as well, but no plans have been made public. Regardless of the location, a new stadium will have a tremendous impact on the local economy.

The breakfast meeting will be at the Westin in Bellevue on Wednesday, 2/28 from 7:30 AM – 9:00 AM. Tickets are $30 for BDA members and $40 for non-members. Tickets can be purchased online.

Tuesday, February 28th
7:30 AM – 9:00 AM

The Westin Bellevue
600 Bellevue Way NE

Parking is validated for the Lincoln Square Garage.


  1. Frankly I don’t personally care much.

    Traffic on 405 is already heavy enough, and having a stadium will bring interesting security issues, etc to Bellevue.

    I am also not sure about “taking spot light from Seattle” either. Oakland has two stadia and two sports teams, it certainly didn’t manage to obershadow San Francisco just yet.

    Given the land price in Bellevue vs. SODO, it’s always a long shot anyway.

  2. @Kevin: I agree. While I’d be happy to go and see a game once in a while in my neighborhood, it seems that the drawbacks are not worth it. I have the feeling that the local economy is doing pretty well as is, and that the car traffic an arena would bring in would be hard to manage.

    BTW, other than the Coliseum, what’s the other stadium in Oakland?

  3. Oracle Arena
    7000 Coliseum Way
    Oakland, CA 94621

  4. Oh OK! I know the arena. I just was picturing another baseball/football stadium.

  5. Where in Bellevue would this even go? I’m trying to think of a site large enough and with reasonable traffic connections… At any rate I hope we can get an NBA team back.

  6. I think we’re going to find out a lot more tomorrow (Thursday) about Seattle’s plans.

    Bellevue’s site location has been discussed to be where the Safeway plant currently is.

  7. Any word on how it went?

  8. The event hasn’t happened yet, it will take place on Feb 28th.

  9. One word, TRAFFIC. I understand progress and love Bellevue and all the types that call this home, BUT let’s talk traffic? A HUGH business area is against light rail in downtown Bellevue and without that type of support, does he support an expressway straight to the site from Seattle? And would it be tolled? Maybe a private company could finance it and charge for its use? Traffic people, did anyone notice how bad downtown was during that the holidays? Great for business lousy for the residents OF Bellevue! Keep it on the west side and let Seattle deal with the BS of another traffic mess! one great reason not to live IN Seattle.