A glass panel fell and shattered, from a 7th-story apartment balcony, Tuesday evening, according to a report in The Seattle Times. Nobody was hurt from the accident, as the glass landed on a residential roof.

This is the second time a glass panel has fallen at The Bravern. In December, a glass panel fell from the 30th floor, due to issues with glass-fasteners. Unlike the cause of the falling glass in December, an unknown object hit the glass, causing the 7th-story glass panel to break. A representative from The Bravern, at Schnitizer West, confirmed the accident and are continuing their investigation.

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  1. I’ve read that an unidentified object hit the glass and then it broke? Quite the arm to be able to get something up to the seventh floor…..wherever you are at the Bravern….hmmm. In the meantime…LOOK UP!!!