According to the City of Bellevue on Thursday night firefighters from Kirkland and Bellevue responded to a report of an escalator collapse at Bellevue Square inside of Macy’s. Upon the firefighters arrival it appeared that the escalator had not collapsed, but did have a mechanical failures.

According to the report one 30 year old man had minor injuries and was taken to Overlake Hospital. Three others (which included two kids) were also transported as a precautionary measure to Overlake Hospital as well.

This event caused quite the commotion on Bellevue Way with several fire engines parked on the street. On onlooker was able to catch a photo of the escalator after the fact after it was shut down. See the photo here.

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  1. This escalator is constantly out of order. I often see repairmen scratching their heads trying to figure out how to fix it. Rumor is that it is not grounded and shocks people. It also appears they have recently replaced some of the steps with mismatched different size steps. I’m not sure who owns this (Macy’s or Bellevue Square) but I think they need to invest in a new system that won’t injure people and will be more reliable.