Cactus Restaurant Coming Soon to Bellevue Square

Kemper Development Company announced that Cactus Restaurant will open soon in the space which Z’Tejas  currently occupies, in Bellevue Square.  Z’Tejas plans to close on January 31st, with Cactus Restaurant expected to open in June of this year.

Cactus serves Southwestern and Mexican cuisine . The restaurant currently has locations in Madison Park, Kirkland, South Lake Union, and Alki Beach. The 6,400 square feet Bellevue location will be designed as an urban Mexican neighborhood restaurant.

The owners, Bret and Marc Chatalas, who are brothers and grew up in Bellevue, are thrilled about their new acquisition,  “We love what Bellevue has become and we were excited with the prospect of being part of the ongoing transformation,” says Marc Chatalas. “We always had our eye on Bellevue but did not want to take the leap until we found the right location and when we felt that Bellevue was ready for Cactus.  When we learned the Z’Tejas location at The Bellevue Collection was available, we immediately saw the potential.”


  1. Cactus completely jumped the shark a while back. From its Madison Park origins to becoming a local chain, somewhere they lost the personal touch and regional cuisine. Most of the menu now is a mountain of cheese over a caricature of mexican food.

  2. The food stinks but the guacamole and margaritas are good.

  3. Welcome to Bellevue! We need a good Mexican restaurant in this town. I was hoping for a Matador, but this is a good start.

  4. Glad to hear Cactus is coming to Bellevue Square. Their Kirkland restaurant is one of my favorites.

  5. OMG! This is awesome! Cheers to the local boys moving into a national chain spot. Proving the local resturants can do well here.

  6. Wonder if they will create a section of the restaurant for outdoor dining…I’d like that, as not much in Bellevue Square offers outdoor dining.

  7. Slightly off-topic–what’s the story with Z’Tejas leaving?

  8. The Kirkland location is awesome. I always enjoy what I order.

  9. Well, if they don’t take reservations like the other two locations, I won’t bother. The food’s not good enough for an hour and a half wait.

  10. Glad to finally have quality Mexican/SW food in Bellevue- they do a great job and will be a massive improvement to BS uninspired food offerings.

  11. Too bad their bartenders are under orders (and docked pay if they don’t obey) to pour short ounces so their drinks are absolutely terrible.

    Food’s good though. Stick with beer and wine only.

  12. HI ERB,

    I wanted to address these public comments as one of the owners- it is 100% untrue that our staff is under any orders to short pour guests and that we dock their pay- neither of those statements have any merit to them and would be completely illegal. I am disappointed that you have not enjoyed the cocktails you have tried with us and apologize for that.
    I do appreciate the comments about our food and other beverages.

    Thank you and we look forward to serving Bellevue soon

  13. I really enjoy the food at the Kirkland location. I see this as wonderful news. Definitely will be going there frequently for lunch.

  14. Bret Chatalas,

    I think the best dish I had at the Kirkland location were the smoked chicken flautas … they eventually disappeared from the menu (I think they were seasonal?)

    Bring em back with your Bellevue debut. I loved them.

  15. HI Dave-

    You are in luck – they are on the menu right now actually for about a month-

    Thank you for the compliments- we will see you soon!

  16. Great news for Bellevue. I ate in their Kirkland location a couple of times, and I liked their food. It will be good to have them in Bellevue. It would be nice if they had an outdoor/patio seating though.

  17. Simply in terms of food and decor, Cactus is amazing. I have only been to their South Lake Union and Kirkland stores. Food is so fresh and delicious! I honestly have taken almost all of my friends to the Kirkland location just cause I am an addict for their chips and salsa. I could go on forever… but I wont.

  18. Please, please, please start taking reservations!

  19. Just had the Eggs Bene from your new Brunch Menu in Kirk. Heaven! We’re psyched you’re coming next door in Belle!

  20. Bret,
    Are you taking applications for the Bellevue place and if so, where do you get them? I have a hard-working college student who would love to work there. Thanks!

  21. KB

    Yes we are accepting applications- you can email yours to me please :
    Thank you!

  22. What is your scheduled open date for Bellevue Square? Looking forward to it.