If you’ve been in Bellevue Square recently you may have noticed that there are a flurry of new stores that are planned to open in the spring of this year.

Bebe Opening Bellevue Square
Bebe, the women’s fashion retailer will re-open after a few year hiatus from being at Bellevue Square. The store is planned to open in spring next to the new Cache store on the first level.

Faconnable Bellevue Square
A new Faconnable store will open in the location that was previously occupied by the old Apple Store.  Faconnable specializes in luxury men and women’s clothing. The Faconnable store is planned to open in spring.

Lego Expansion Bellevue Square
The existing Lego store in Bellevue Square is currently in the midst of an expansion and will re-open in the spring.  For the time being the Lego store is open in a temporary location down the hall.


  1. Where is the Lego Store going to move into? Is it going to be much larger than the current one?

  2. @kris: From the looks of it (the story, plus what I can picture of the mall), they’ll stay in the same place, but will expand into the newly closed store to their right (a store that used to sell lotions, soaps, candles, with a darker, fancy decor… the name escapes me).

  3. The Harnn store was next door…

  4. According to Craigslist, Façonnable is opening in February.

  5. @MrBellevue: Thanks! That was going to drive me crazy! 🙂

  6. Lego store is way better than the apple store…just sayin

    oh and really I miss Orange Julious

  7. Lego store was one of the busiest stores in the mall during Xmas shopping season. It was so packed with people that you could barely walk around in the store. By mid-December they were out of stock on most of the popular sets.

  8. Love the new Faconnable Store!!!