Tommy Bahama Bellevue Square

According to Kemper Development Company, Tommy Bahama will be opening a store in Bellevue Square.  The store will be located on the second level in-between to the Apple Store and Nordstrom (what great company to be in).

This will be Tommy Bahama’s second (non-outlet) store in the state. The only other store is located in University Village.  We’re still waiting (hoping) for one of their famous Island locations that include a Tommy Bahama branded restaurant to open in the area. It’s of interest to note that Tommy Bahama’s corporate headquarters is in South Lake Union.

The store is currently slated to open in early May.


  1. Hmm… After Faconnable, this is another store I really can’t get excited about. I can already find a decent selection of Tommy Bahama (and Faconnable) apparel at Nordstrom, which is right next door.

    I hope the other empty stores get something more interesting!

  2. Tommy Bahama certainly has some nice stuff, but a lot of it is also horrendously overpriced.

  3. How about a restaurant in Bellevue? That would be awesome!!!!! In the old Munchbar and do it right.

  4. What is happening to the other stores that are there now? Will the Papyrus store stay in the mall and maybe move somewhere else? Or are they staying put?

  5. I hope they open a Ralph Lauren or Club Monaco in Bellevue Square!!

  6. @Sam: I’ll take a look tomorrow, but when I went by last, I didn’t notice Papyrus being gone. Tommy Bahama is taking the space that was occupied by Arden B, which was right next door to Papyrus.

  7. What?? Arden B. is closing???? I guess after Munch Bar shut down, they lost their whole demographic 🙂

  8. An overpriced chain store? Sounds perfect for Bellevue.

  9. I confirm: Papyrus is still there. 🙂

  10. Please bring Tommy Bahamas restaurant to Bellevue SQ they have fantastic food! Would be good for the vacant Munchbar spot maybe ? or a Spaghetti Factory would be good too there in the brick bldg.

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