Skoah BellevueSkoah, a personal skin care company based in Vancouver, Canada, recently opened a new facial spa in downtown Bellevue.

Skoah offers a variety of facial services, including massages and deep cleansing treatments. Personal trainers help customers create at-home skin care routines.

The spa is located at 217 Bellevue Way NE, in the Park Row complex across from Safeway. Skoah plans to open two additional locations in Seattle this month.

To make an appointment at Skoah in Bellevue, call (425)451-4934.



  1. Can someone please help me understand what the ‘personal’ in personal skin care refers to? Is it there to

    A. Differentiate it from non-person/human skin, like pet skin care?
    B. To indicate that you are doing it yourself. But Skoah has professionals doing it, so that can’t be the case.
    C. Personal/Private areas. Again, that doesn’t seem to be the case here.
    D. A person offering the service, as opposed to machines if there is such a thing.

    Please help me. It’s been bothering me for a while now.

  2. I think it’s to differentiate it from group skin care.

    Instead of one skin care specialist taking care of a group of 10-15 people at the same time in the room, they only take care of one person.

  3. @Vincent. That makes sense. one-on-one care would probably be more accurate, but more wordy.

    But then, the term should apply only to services. Why do we have personal skin/hair care products then?

  4. Great question EnataiMan – we call ourselves a ‘personal’ skin care company because we customize our products and treatments to your skin and your lifestyle. Just like going to a gym to meet your body / weight goals, we create skin care training programs to help you meet your skin goals, no matter how busy you are – Personal training for your skin™ is what we do.

  5. @skoah, Ah! That makes much more sense. I guess it’s shortened from ‘personalized’. Thanks!

  6. @skoah: kudos to you for responding! 🙂