Traffic around the new Chick-fil-A Restaurant has been so heavy that Bellevue announced new traffic controls for the Chick-fil-A restaurant on 116th Avenue Northeast and Northeast Eighth Street to assure safety for motorists and pedestrians.
Chick-fil-A opened its doors on April 9, 2015, and since then backups have occurred daily on eastbound Northeast Eighth Street and southbound 116th Avenue Northeast. Although initial traffic has ebbed, heavy traffic has still plagued the fifth busiest intersection in Bellevue.

Beginning today, approximately 10 cars will be allowed into the restaurant parking lot simultaneously. Once the lot is full, an off-duty police officer will close the driveway into the restaurant and flag motorists on. Once those cars have exited, the next ten cars will be allowed to enter. Redirected drivers can continue moving south on 116th Avenue Northeast, and can circle the block back to Northeast Eighth Street. The restaurant and city officials are hopeful this approach will improve traffic conditions and safety in the area.

David Berg, Transportation Director, noted that the city and the restaurant have been working together to solve the problem, “We have found Chick-fil-A responsive in helping determine solutions to this situation.” Together both organizations will monitor the situation and make adjustments as needed. The city urges drivers to use alternate routes when possible.

Additionally, the city and Chick-fil-A are working together to supplement parking options nearby. And to combat increased trash dropped in the area, Chick-fil-A employees are dispatched at least twice daily, to pick up after errant customers.


  1. The Coast Hotel should allow customers to park in their empty lot to be a good neighbor. The out of town Chick-fil-a employees stay there so they are making money off the restaurant already.

  2. This was the worst location they could have put that restaurant from a traffic and congestion standpoint.

  3. The real question is, why would anyone eat there anyway?

  4. Every time I drive by there, the drive-thru line is packed, but many parking spaces are empty. They need two lines, one for parking and one for drive-thru, then close the entrance when it reaches capacity.

  5. Cause people cant get chicken anywhere else apparently…

  6. Just need to build a bunch more Chick-fil-A’s in the area so people don’t have to drive from miles away to get to this one.

  7. Terrible location for such a restaurant. I am very surprised this happened – Bellevue has always done an excellent job of city planning. Crossroads or Factoria would have been a better location.

  8. I agree with much of hat has been said. 1. They should do a double drive-in. It’s what people really want, not parking. 2. They might want to think of opening additional Chick-fil-A’s in the area. 3. Yes, their food really is that much better than all fast food options in Bellevue

  9. I can’t imagine why that location was approved by the city. It was a terrible decision. Hopefully they will open another location someplace where it makes better sense.

  10. Don’t buy into the hype. Its an overpriced chicken sandwich. Once everyone realizes that traffic will go back to normal.

  11. Yeah, it’s super expensive. Like $3 or something, totally out of the price range of chicken sandwiches is poor old Bellevue.