Bellevue Downtown Park Rendering
The City of Bellevue confirmed in a press release on Tuesday that construction will begin in mid-July for projects in the Downtown Park. A portion of the Bellevue Downtown Park will be closing for construction of the last segment of the circular promenade, as well as a play area for children of all abilities.

The construction will also bring a “grand entrance” and water feature near the south end of the park. Additionally, the current parking lot off NE 2nd St will be closing and the 100th Ave NE lot will be expanding.

The “Inspiration Playground” that will be added to the existing play area is being provided through a partnership with the Bellevue Rotary.

“These projects will complete the community’s 30- year-old vision of beloved Downtown Park,” said Mayor John Stokes. “We look forward to inviting everyone back next summer to enjoy the completed circle and to play in the universally accessible playground.”


  1. Not sure where they plan to replace parking that will be lost. Would be nice to ensure the improved playground will truly be “accessible” to all and not just those who can walk to it.

  2. @Betina, the article explicitly says the parking lot on 100th will be expanding.

  3. They will probably make the lot extend to the old ballet school building. I hope they keep the beautiful trees near the parking lot on 100th. The willow and the conifers near it are some of the park’s best features. Also the chestnut tree and apple trees near the south lot.

  4. @Kate, as per the proposals I’ve seen for the parking lot expansion, they are expanding eastward from the current 2 rows to 4 rows. Not sure if the ballet school building will be demolished. But sadly I think the willow trees and the trees with the white trunks (are those chestnut?) will be going. I too hope not.

  5. @Betina, about time someone is speaking up for those poor car owners. The parking lot should at least be metered.