Wild Ginger Bellevue has completed its move from The Bravern to Lincoln Square’s expansion. Sunday marked Wild Ginger’s first day open to the public, as well as the first restaurant open at Lincoln Square expansion.

The new location is more intimate at 5,900 square feet, which will seat 165 dinners. The Bravern location was much larger at 14,000 square feet. 

Restaurant goers can expect a streamlined menu with many of their favorites on the menu including Siam Lettuce Cups, Seven Flavor Beef, and Fragrant Duck.

The restaurant is divided into three areas, including a bar and lounge, a dining area, and two private dining rooms that can flex as dining areas.

The new address for Wild Ginger Bellevue is 508 Bellevue Way NE. The restaurant is located on the first floor of Lincoln Square expansion right on Bellevue Way.


  1. Such EXCITING progress being made in our BEAUTIFUL city! Can’t wait for Bellevue Park refresh to be completed and Lakehouse and the other restaurants and shops to open at Two Lincoln Tower soon. LOVE living downtown & in One Lincoln Tower! 😊 All the construction has been worth it and now the fun begins! I ❤️this city! ☺️

  2. Great news! There’s going to be so much to see, do and eat at this new expansion…hard to believe the W Hotel will be opening soon, as if there isn’t enough there already!

  3. If only it was a better restaurant. It lacks culinary finesse.

  4. Wild Ginger has terrible food. It has been horrible for years. Hate to say it, but it’s true.

  5. Their food is sh*t.

  6. Wild Ginger has very basic Asian food that anyone can make it better at home. I noticed mostly Asian female cooks—nothing wrong with that—but you would think that the dishes would taste good & look appealing…not so much.

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