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As of October 28th, Cost Plus World Market will be closing its doors from its current location on Northeast Eighth Street and relocating to Crossroads.

The quarter-block property is currently occupied by a 40,000 sq. ft. retail building and 52 parking spaces.

Updated: The property is owned by Fortress Holdings LLC. The company plans to develop a high-rise on the land.


  1. Good for both owner and company. Crossroads will be cheaper on rent and holds nearly as many potential shoppers.

  2. The store is an eye sore to look at. Good riddance.

  3. Thank goodness Cost Plus is out of there. The low-wage, unhappy workers are annoying!!

  4. Best wishes for crossroads..have enjoyed decades of shopping this convenient store ..friendly what a move

  5. Will the new building be residential, retail, commercial, mixed? Parking?

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