Local Burger, located on Main Street, is set to close this Saturday. The premium burger joint opened in July 2014 by the same ownership group as Local 360, located in Belltown.

The menu included organic burgers, appetizers, salads, desserts and cocktails. According to a representative at Local Burger, it was a management decision to close the restaurant this week.

What new restaurant do you want to see come to Main Street?


  1. I want Local Burger to stay 🙁

  2. Also can we get more info here…? Why is it closing? Why so sudden?

  3. Oh maybe another nail salon. There just aren’t enough!!

  4. high wages will do that.

  5. Nail Salon? Really? What we really need on main street is another Jewelery store! 🙊

  6. Sorry to see Local Butger go. Our family will continue to dine at Local 360.
    I wouldn’t mind having a Tipsy Cow in Bellevue.

  7. They have literally the worst service… sadly I am not surprised at all. I would love a Mexican spot or thai

  8. French Vietnamese

  9. I agree with Jefrus. Local Burger was a disappointment from day 1. I have tried it on at least five occasions – brunch, at the bar, with family, date night, alone – and never felt satisfied. Uncaring service and middling food are not ingredients for restaurant success. Other neighborhood restaurants thrive. Another burger place would be great to see.

  10. How about a parking lot so we can get to the rest of the Main Street restaurants without walking a mile?

  11. Would love to see another vegan restaurant on Main.

  12. Vegan would be great if we needed another failure… go with what works. An adult only Cactus… Bai Tong… sports bar but 520 would be competition but something like the pump house would get my business

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