Rock the Vote: Bring Dick’s Drive In to the Eastside

Rock the Vote: Bring Dick’s Drive In to the Eastside

One of Seattle’s most popular (if not the most popular) burger joints, Dick’s Drive In is looking to expand and they’re asking customers to help choose their next location. The campaign is appropriately titled “You Decide! East or South”. You can vote up to two times per email address. The […]

Downtown Bellevue Lacks Great Teriyaki Take-out

Downtown Bellevue residents, workers, and diners have spoken and they are hungry for great teriyaki take-out. Every city has its signature (and go-to) Teriyaki take-out restaurant, but for some reason even with the number of restaurants downtown Bellevue has, the city hasn’t hit its groove with teriyaki take-out. The only […]

Estately Blog Post (Unfairly in some cases) Compares Seattle & Bellevue

Image Credit: Estately.com A recent blog post on Estately, a real estate website, compares what city is better a place to live in between Bellevue and Seattle. The article compares several characteristics such as: wealth, diversity, sex offenders, brunch, and a breadth of other topics. Although entertaining, the article isn’t much […]

Downtown Bellevue Needs Shuffleboard

Downtown Bellevue’s nightlife scene has grown up over the last several years adding a “Vegas style” nightclub, luxury bowling alley, and more. One thing that is still lacking in Downtown Bellevue is a venue with good ol’ shuffleboard table. Shuffleboard is a bar game where players push metal-and-plastic pucks down […]