Sound Transit Light Rail East Link Animation Video

Sound Transit has released a 12 minute computerized animation video that demonstrates how the future East Link  Light Rail service is currently planned. The video states that the project is currently in the final design phase of the project and is at 60% design completion. The East Link is currently […]

Bellevue City Council Votes on Preferred Light Rail Option

It has been quite a journey to get agreement on the details for light rail in Bellevue. On Monday night the city council voted 6-0 in favor of cost-reducing changes to the light rail project that could save Bellevue taxpayers up to $35 million. “Tonight we reached a major milestone […]

Downtown Bellevue Drives up Parking Costs

If you rent a parking space in downtown Bellevue, you may want to consider switching to public transportation next year. According to a recent study in the Puget Sound Business Journal, the median price of an unreserved parking space in Bellevue was $180 per month in 2011, an 11.1 percent […]

Zipvan Rolls into Downtown Bellevue

A cargo van known as a Zipvan will be wheeling around downtown Bellevue beginning Tuesday. The car-sharing network Zipcar recently announced plans to launch the Zipvan service across North America, starting with Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia, according to a press statement. Zipcar Seattle’s fleet received 10 full-size cargo […]

Bike-share in Downtown Bellevue May Be Coming in the Future

Puget Sound Bike Share, partnerships of public and private organizations are working to bring bike sharing to many areas of Seattle, as well as the Eastside. Bike sharing is just like Zipcar, but for bikes. A network of stations hosts a fleet of bicycles. These urban bicycles are positioned near […]

New Financial Incentive Program for Downtown Bellevue Commuters

A new City of Bellevue incentive program called “Downtown Bellevue On the Move” is offering financial rewards and travel assistance to downtown residents and workers who are willing to stop commuting solo. The program goal is to increase the use of alternative commutes downtown to 40 percent of all commute […]

Share Your Feedback on Public Transit in Bellevue

The City of Bellevue is offering incentives to get your feedback regarding all aspects of public transit in the city. To get your feedback, a transit survey has been devised. To date, thousands of surveys have been completed. The objective is to create a master plan aimed at making the […]

520 Tolling Starts December 29

Drivers in Bellevue brace for a new hurdle: SR 520 bridge tolling. You’ve probably been hoping that tolling might somehow go away. But alas, on December 29th, Eastside drivers will find themselves making a mandatory contribution towards the new SR 520 bridge. The Washington State Department of Transportation has some […]