Downtown Bellevue Coffee Shops

Bellden Café10527 Main St
Belle Pastry10373 Main St425-289-0015
Caffe Ladro333 108th Ave NE425-467-5562
Café Cesura1015 108th Ave NE425-633-2362
Café Trophy - The Bravern700 110th Ave NE #260206-632-7020
Dote Coffee Bar500 Bellevue Way NE
Fika House Kafé298 106th Ave NE425-457-1980
Fonté Coffee - Bellevue Place10500 NE 8th St425-429-3862
FROST - Lincoln Square700 Bellevue Way NE #140425-274-4600
Honor Coffee11011 NE 9th St b425-598-2185
Jujubeet Café10246 Main St A425-454-0747
Starbucks – across from Bellevue Square10214 NE 8th St425-454-0191
Starbucks – at FedEx Office44 Bellevue Way NE425-452-9425
Starbucks – at The Lodge545 Bellevue Square425-452-5534
Starbucks – Barnes & Noble626 106th Ave NE425-635-7494
Starbucks – Bellevue Square226 Bellevue Square425-451-8102
Starbucks – City Center Building500 108th Ave NE425-637-6513
Starbucks – Civica Building255 108th Ave NE425-467-5666
Starbucks – In QFC10116 NE 8th St425-455-0870
Starbucks – Key Bank Building601 108th Ave NE # 160425-646-9602
Starbucks – Marriott Courtyard11010 NE 8th St425-454-5888
Starbucks – Safeway300 Bellevue Way NE425-749-3885
The French Bakery909 112th Ave NE #106425-590-9640
Top Pot Doughnuts10600 NE 9th PL425-457-7440
Tully’s Coffee – City Center Plaza555 – 110th Ave NE #101425-283-0356
Tully’s Coffee – Main St10812 Main St425-646-3909
T’Latte37 103rd Ave NE # B425-709-6868
Woods Coffee2002 Bellevue Square425-429-7276

Updated March 2017

Here’s our list of the Best Coffee Shops in Downtown Bellevue.

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