How many conveyor belt sushi restaurants does Downtown Bellevue need?

With the opening of Sushi Maru this week, the answer is apparently FOUR. Sushi Maru joins Marineopolis Sushiland, Blue C Sushi, and SushiYama- which weirdly is right across the street from Sushi Maru (and next door to Safeway).

May the best kaiten sushi win!



  1. William C Bonner

    How long has the Mongolian BBQ been gone?

  2. How many New American restaurants does Downtown Bellevue need?

    With the pending opening of Earls, the answer is apparently FOUR. Earls will join Joeys, Palomino, and Pearl – which weirdly is right round the corner from Palomino (and next door to the Westin).

    May the best fried calamari rings and Appletini win!

    – Seriously, the “yet another Asian restaurant” tone bothers me. It has undercurrents of soft racism.

  3. Racism? HARDLY!

    There was nothing racist being about the topic. The post was not even specifically about Sushi or Japanese food (there are others in the area), but the way the food was delivered: via conveyor belt. In addition if there were any criticism of the new restaurant it would be that they opened a pebbles throw away from SushiYama, also a conveyor belt sushi restaurant. (not to mention it’s one of the author’s favorite food)

    Also I’d like to add that Palomino has ‘European-inspired regional American Cuisine’ and Pearl focuses on ‘Contemporary Northwest Cuisine.’ Many would agree that these restaurants are different (Earl’s has not yet opened to determine). If there were 4 American restaurants that were very close in concept you can be assured we would be writing about it as well.

    Racism is nothing we take softly, please be careful when ‘throwing’ around this term and accusing people.

    We wish Sushi Maru the best of luck in their opening (in fact I went there this weekend, it was great!).

  4. Isn’t Joeys and Earls Canadian?

  5. And afterwards, visit CeFiore, Red Mango, Shnoo, or 3Berries for fruit-topped plain yogurt.

  6. Yes, we questioned the 4 frozen yogurt shops back in Dec. of ’08 as well:

    I’ll predict that one of them goes out of business in the next two years.

  7. theres no offense. if it were thai or mexican the comment could’ve been said equally the same.


  8. yea, they’re canadians.

  9. i say the 3 berries because they’re at a quiet location

  10. I went there, the opening promo is great -almost everything on the belt is 1.5- and waiters are cute

  11. go to Flo Japanese Restaurant and Sushi bar in downtown Bellevue, near the Bellevue Library, for Bellevue’s best sushi. In my opinion:) Excited to try this Kaiten Sushi – maybe qualify / expound on that concept more in the article. Lots of sushi in Bellevue

  12. This place rocks, also good service….Really good sushi…