The opening of ‘Suite,’ a bar-concept venue in The Wintergarden, at Bellevue Place, appears imminent.

SUITEAccording to concierge at the Hyatt Hotel, the venue will formally open in the next two weeks, with a ‘soft opening’ in the next few days. The venue is under development by the owner of The Bellevue Collection, Kemper Development Company.


  1. I like the name that like Sweet

  2. Can’t wait to see the Suite. When is the soft opening?

  3. Is this a nightclub? Or just a bar? Or is it a secret? ssshhhh

  4. Cathy, Suite should be a craft cocktail bar, restaurant, and lounge. It will have a northwest inspired tapas menu that will be parable with their focal-cocktail, wine, and beer list.

  5. Oooooh where do I find more info? I want to go to the opening…more scoop?!

  6. “craft cocktails?” “northwest inspired cocktails” “focal cocktails”. Gag me with a spoon. I mean, barf! What are you talking about? Do they grow Rye in Issaquah? Come on person. Get real! Oh yeah, we carry the Vodka guys from Woodinville, our WHOLE bar is “FOCAL”. BULL! “Hey Billy John, lets go grab a cocktail…a CRAFT one though…” Northwest inspired tapas is a TOTAL oxymoron.

  7. It did sound a lot like bad marketing speak. 🙂

  8. still not open yet, what’s the holdup??

  9. I’m glad something is going into that spot…nothing ever does well there so hopefully Kemper can make it right (which he usually does:) I really like the local-indie places so this will be great. When does it open?