Author: Denise Sakaki

Eddie Bauer Unveils Flagship Store at Bellevue Square

Unlike other companies that use created names for their brand, Eddie Bauer is a real person. He was the 1st to make quilted goose-down jackets in the country, and the appreciation for glossy-coated black labs isn’t just photogenic for catalogs; Bauer brought the 1st Labrador Retriever into Washington State in 1930. Born in […]

Eat Seasonal Foods at the Bellevue Farmers Market

With the ringing of a bell, the Bellevue Farmers Market opened at First Presbyterian Church of Bellevue to eager crowds with shopping bags and baskets in-hand. Open on Thursdays through October 14th from 3pm – 7pm, Downtown Bellevue’s farmers market is the place to get a look at what’s local […]

Meet the Piano Players at Bellevue’s Steakhouses

Downtown Bellevue is fortunate to have talented musicians tickling the ivories at 3 of the popular steak restaurants. Sophisticated jazz, show tunes, or a sing along-worthy rendition of a crowd favorite, it all pairs nicely with a rich meal. Of all the restaurants, in all the towns in the entire world, […]

Oh! Chocolate – Family History Wrapped in Chocolate

Chocolate is comfort – especially in a distressed economy, when people return to the simple childhood pleasures of a crisp malt ball or the sticky chew of a soft caramel center to somehow whisk the bad things away. Talking to owner Nola Wyse about her family’s chocolatier history, she knows […]

Modern Living at Elements Too Apartments

Bellevue’s skyline has changed dramatically over a short few years, with several buildings rising up like glass sculptures, reshaping the city view. A series of buildings in the Ashwood Neighborhood, at the commuter gateway into Downtown Bellevue, stand apart from typical living spaces. The 3 uniquely shaped structures that make up […]

Let’s Do Lunch – Delicious and Elegant Lunch Options in Bellevue

Everyone’s been there: taking a client to lunch, but wondering where to find a place that is both sensitive to a busy day’s schedule and an impressive location? Or what about that lunch date coming up? So many restaurants in Bellevue offer delicious occasion dining for dinner, and it’s easy […]