Author: Denise Sakaki

There’s No Place Like Home: The Bellevue Towers Penthouse

Ears literally pop as one stands in the rapidly ascending elevator on its 40-second trip to the top floor of Bellevue Towers’ penthouse. The familiar ‘ding’ of the floor arrival precedes the opening of the doors directly onto the 42nd top floor of the luxurious North Tower penthouse similar to […]

Exploring the Snack Shack – The Center of On-the-Go Meals

Work can be hectic; some days it feels like there’s a little digital clock counting down the minutes and seconds of your busy life, like the television series 24. Be you a secret agent or blue collar hero, a person’s gotta eat, and there’s not always enough time for a sit-down […]

A Tale of 2 Burgers: Broiler Bay and John Howie Steak

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age… of hamburgers. Charles Dickens probably didn’t have drive-through food in mind when he wrote A Tale of Two Cities, but when it comes to Downtown Bellevue’s landscape of high-end restaurants and humble family-run establishments, […]

Wild Ginger’s Brunch Offers Dim Sum and New Experiences

When a longtime patron of dim sum describes memories of weekend meals spent with family and watching the food carts with towers of steamer tins roll by, they will most likely speak of it with great affection. A parent introducing a wonderful new flavor, sharing the last bite of something […]