Bellevue News

PACE Receives a $6 Million Grant

It was announced last week that the Performing Arts Center Eastside, also known as PACE, received a $6 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to complete the 2,000-seat facility that when done will feature national and international performances. Downtown Bellevue’s portfolio, although quite impressive, is still missing […]

Bellevue Attracts New Restaurants

An article in the Puget Sound Business Journal on Friday discussed the magnitude of restaurants coming to Downtown Bellevue in the near future. With all of the new condos being built, and office space being developed, it will make for many new hungry residents and workers in the area. Read […]

Taking a Tour Through Tower 333

The newly built 20-story Tower 333, where Expedia and company will be occupying, is in the final stages of completion. The lobby is now open to the public, so anybody can take a stroll and view the progress of the building. There is room for five retail locations at the […]

Bellevue Sculpture Exhibition Opens Saturday

The Bellevue Sculpture Exhibition hosts their Grand Opening Celebration¬†on Saturday, June 14th from 6-8pm at Bellevue City Hall, complete with hors d’oeuvres and live entertainment. This year’s theme of “Sculpted Green,” relates art to ecology, environmentalism, sustainability, or other similar green notions. The exhibit plays host to over 35 sculptures […]

Tons of Panties Stolen from Victoria’s Secret at Bellevue Square

According to reports, over $10,000 worth of panties were stolen from Bellevue Square’s Victoria’s Secret store on May 30th, between 2:30pm – 5:00pm. About 650 pairs are reported missing. No surveillance cameras picked up on any possible suspects during the theft. Is there an underground black market for panties in […]

Monsoon, Vietnamese Cuisine Comes to Old Bellevue

The well-known Vietnamese restaurant “Monsoon” in Capital Hill will open its second location in the coming months on Main Street in Old Bellevue, taking over Porcella Urban Market’s previous location. The Capital Hill restaurant, which opened in 1999, is known not only for its traditional Vietnamese cuisine, but also for […]

"Bellevue is growing up — and up" Says PI

An article in the Seattle PI today focused on Downtown Bellevue and its recent growth, future growth, and relationship with Downtown Seattle. As reported, a couple that moved into a Downtown Bellevue high-rise in 1996 were the only residents on their floor for four years. Living the urban life in […]

Slight Slump in Downtown Bellevue Economy

It seems as thought, the bearish national economy has finally caught up to Downtown Bellevue. In an address by Bob Derrick to the City Council, Derrick sited slumping housing prices, slowed retail sales, and fewer development projects taking off as the symptoms to the claim. Women’s San Francisco 49ers PINK […]

Ask Lea: Get Me In Shape For Summer

Dear Lea,To say the least, I need to get in shape. What gyms in Bellevue offer fitness programs that can help me get bikini-ready? I’d use a personal trainer, but they are just so darn expensive! – Muffin Top Dear Muffin Top, The great thing about Downtown Bellevue is that […]

The Bellevue Collection Launches New Website

Recently, the Bellevue Collection has re-launched its Website, and it is now one condensed site for Bellevue Square, Lincoln Square, and Bellevue Place. The site has a clean feel and reflects the current brand, as well as the remodels that are taking place at the Bellevue Collection. The “Collection Map” […]