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Do you want stop light cameras in Downtown Bellevue?

The city is debating implementation of traffic light video and photo cameras to catch red light violators. The decision is if the city should implement a one year trial with the equipment or not. If decided favorably, the cameras would be installed at approximately six different Bellevue locations. You can […]

"Ho Ho Ho," says Ashwood to commuters

“Ho Ho Ho!” Ashwood II , located on 112th Avenue NE right off of NE 8th Street, wins Downtown Bellevue Network’s Most Festive Construction Site Award. The developer/construction team has put up wreaths in the shapes of the letters “H” and “O” that light up sporadically across the construction site […]

For late night eats: Zen Asian Bistro & Lounge

Zen Asian Bistro & Lounge, as of last weekend, becomes the second venue to stay open until 2am (the first being Vertigo in the same building) and is the first and only restaurant in Downtown Bellevue to keep their kitchen open that late! The restaurant now lives up to “lounge” […]

Tree Lighting Ceremony: A Non Event

We wanted to take this opportunity to apologize to our readers who attended the “Tree Lighting Ceremony” on Friday. We here at the Downtown Bellevue Network were jazzed up to attend on Friday night, and thought this could become quite the annual event in the future complementing Snowflake Lane. This, […]

Tonight: Tree Lighting Ceremony at Bellevue Galleria

If you are looking for something to do this Friday night, look no farther than Downtown Bellevue! Bellevue Galleria will be hosting a Tree Lighting Ceremony where 50,000 lights will come to life. Entertainment by a local children’s choir will begin at 6:00pm! Following the tree lighting, stay around for […]

Bellevue Square Nordstrom Does Away with Pianists

According to a Seattle Times article, the Nordstrom in Bellevue Square, along with other stores in the area will no longer have live pianists playing in the store. Nordstrom has been famous for their live piano players which has been a staple in the stores for years. Brooke White a […]

Kemper: A Difficult Book to find

The Bellevue Reporter, a community newspaper in the local area, had a front page story on Robert Spector’s Generations: Kemper Freeman Jr. and the Freeman Family. But good luck actually finding the book (all you’ll find is used copies)! The story of the Freeman family begins with his great-grandfather coming […]

Downtown Bellevue Wi-Fi Section

We have added a new “Wi-Fi Hotspots” section to the Downtown Bellevue Network Web site. It is currently a list of all of the free wireless internet locations in Downtown Bellevue. Our team uses and enjoys working in these locations and wanted to share with the community! The most used […]

Washington Square Retail Announced

With Washington Square Condominium project quickly finishing construction of their two condo towers, it has been announced via their Web site the planned retail partners which will occupy the bottom spaces. Zupan’s Markets This high end European market specializes in fine bakery, deli, meats, cheese and wine selections to name […]

Holiday Happenings in Downtown Bellevue

With Thanksgiving behind us, everybody’s focus will be directed towards the December Holidays. Although most of us will be involved in some serious shopping at Bellevue Square and surrounding areas throughout the holiday season, there is some real cool stuff going on in Downtown Bellevue. Listed below are some of […]