D’Ambrosio Gelato Shop Coming to Bellevue Square
It appears that just in time for the warm weather months there will be a new gelato shop going into an available space at Bellevue Square. D’Ambrosio Gelato that has stores in Capitol Hill and Ballard will open a new store at Bellevue Square. The store will be located outside the mall facing Bellevue Way, next to Cheesecake Factory.

The gelato according to their website is organic and handmade from scratch everyday.  D’Ambrosio uses traditional Italian recipes using only fresh foods without preservatives.

For more information on D’Ambrosio visit their website: www.dambrosiogelato.com.


  1. Finally some “ice cream”. Enough with the fro yo!

  2. I predict it doesn’t survive beyond one summer like all the other ice cream, froyo, and gelato shops in town.

  3. If you have not tried this gelato in Ballard or Capitol Hill, then you have not had the real stuff. My son-in-law is Italian, born Sicily, and we took his mom to this shop. There she said that this was the real gelato finally. The owner was schooled in Gelato in Italy. We are so excited that we finally can get real gelato closer than driving to Seattle!