Coffee Shop in downtown Bellevue
Get a great cup of coffee at some of the best coffee shops in downtown Bellevue. How do you know which one is best? Well, that’s up to you but our list should give you a head start on your decision.

Coffee shops in downtown Bellevue also offer a wide array of teas, pastries, and other goodies if you are craving something different, too. Maybe you’re just looking for a quick cup on-the-go or trying to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee with some friends- whatever the situation, we’ve got you covered.

Pick a place on our list, push yourself out the door, and find the best coffee shop in downtown Bellevue today.

Anchorhead Coffee 555 110th Ave NE
Bellden Café10527 Main St
Belle Pastry10373 Main St425-289-0015
Cafe Aloe10961 NE 2nd Pl #100425-505-6695
Café Cesura1015 108th Ave NE425-633-2362
Cafe Ladro - Bellevue333 108th Ave NE425-467-5562
Cafe Vita575 Bellevue Square425-777-9171
Coffeeholic House 10000 Main St, STE 103425-590-9916
Copper Kettle Coffee Bar12001 Main St253-260-6092
Dote Coffee Bar500 Bellevue Way NE425-429-3292
Drip Tea500 Bellevue Way NE425-502-7650
Dilettante Mocha Café at Bellefield Office Park1450 114th Ave SE #120425-451-4086
Dilettante Mocha Café at Plaza Center10900 NE 8th St Suite 120425-279-1223
Farine Bakery & Cafe11194 NE 10th St425-502-7265
Fonté Coffee - Bellevue Place10500 NE 8th St425-429-3862
Fonté Coffee - Civic Commons225 108th Ave NE Ste N120425-436-5746
Fran's Chocolates10036 Main Street425-453-1698
Matcha Magic10246 Main St425-453-1029
Mi Tea175 Bellevue Way206-321-9687
Nana's Green Tea16 103rd Ave NE425-590-9715
Nordstrom Ebar100 Bellevue Square425-646-5016
Queen Bee Cafe8805 Points Dr NE425-362-6178
Royal Bakehouse162 106th Ave NE425-326-1184
Semicolon Cafe10451 NE 2nd St425-223-5932
Starbucks – across from Bellevue Square10214 NE 8th St425-454-0191
Starbucks – at FedEx Office44 Bellevue Way NE425-452-9425
Starbucks – at The Lodge545 Bellevue Square425-452-5534
Starbucks – Bellevue Square226 Bellevue Square425-451-8102
Starbucks – City Center Building500 108th Ave NE425-637-6513
Starbucks – Civica Building255 108th Ave NE425-467-5666
Starbucks – in Amazon Building453 106th Ave NE(425) 635-7494
Starbucks – In QFC10116 NE 8th St425-455-0870
Starbucks – Key Bank Building601 108th Ave NE # 160425-646-9602
Starbucks – Marriott Courtyard11010 NE 8th St425-454-5888
Starbucks – Safeway300 Bellevue Way NE425-749-3885
Story Coffee11011 NE 9th St B425-598-2185
T’Latte37 103rd Ave NE # B425-709-6868
The French Bakery909 112th Ave NE #106425-590-9640
The Whale Tea103 Bellevue Way NE #2425-454-7470
Third Culture Coffee80 102nd Ave NE425-230-3660
Top Pot Doughnuts10600 NE 9th PL425-457-7440
TRÀ Viet Coffee & Tea10435 NE 4th St425-455-8886
Woods Coffee2002 Bellevue Square425-429-7276
Woods Coffee - at Hotel 116625 116th Ave NE425-800-4426
Woods Coffee - Lincoln Square700 Bellevue Way NE #140425-279-8860

Updated March 2024

Here’s our list of the Best Coffee Shops in Downtown Bellevue.

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