Gucci Bellevue BravernAccording to public records luxury retailer Gucci has applied for several permits indicating plans to open at The Bravern. The permits show that Gucci will be taking over 3 previously occupied spaces. These spaces included the storefronts that were occupied by Piazza Sempione, Brooks Brothers, & DNA 2050.

At this time there is no official communication from The Bravern or timetable on when the luxury retailer is anticipated to open.

10/10/13 UPDATE: Representatives for The Bravern have confirmed that Gucci will occupy space at The Bravern in 2014.


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  1. That’s going to be a big store. I rarely go to the Bravern but for some reason I had assumed they already had a store there. It’d definitely be a good fit but I have to wonder if it’s too little too late for that complex.