Chick-fil-A BellevueThe Atlanta fast food chain, Chick-fil-A recently announced that they would be opening 3 restaurants in Puget Sound. One of those restaurants will be in Bellevue, right outside the downtown core on 116th Ave NE. The site location at 649 116th Ave NE was previously occupied by Denny’s, which closed a couple of weeks ago.

According to reports the 3,742 square foot space will include a drive-through, and will be projected to hold a grand opening in March 2015.


  1. Nothing like chicken with a healthy side of intolerance.

  2. Yeah, I’m not eating there.

  3. I will be there in spades…even though
    I am a beef guy, I will support these folks
    that believe in human life. I’m so glad my
    parents didn’t have me aborted, birth defects or not. So sad that anon and Spencer are so intolerant of others’ beliefs.

  4. Intolerance? Who you or them?

  5. It’s about time! Best chicken sandwiches and waffle fries in the country. And breakfast is fantastic. They hire great people too and have very high standards. I can’t wait.