Local, nationally-renowned artist Greg Lundgren grew up in Bellevue in the 1980’s, and like many of us who grew up in Bellevue, has felt conflicted about our hometown. This conflict led him to create his newest art installation, “I Am From Bellevue,” showing at the Open Satellite exhibition space in the 989 Tower on 112th.

The show explores Bellevue’s suburban, “culturally homogenous” roots in the 1980’s in several fun, hands-on exhibits. I visited for the Grand Opening on Friday July 10th and fully enjoyed the light-hearted humor and 1980’s nostalgia for when Bellevue was nothing but strip malls, cars, and suburbia. For those of you who only know Bellevue as the skyscraper city it is today, this exhibit serves to remind that it was previously a sleepy, dull little town!

The show runs until August 1st, Tuesdays through Saturdays from 12pm-6pm. http://opensatellite.org/exhibitions

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