Bellevue Police Chief Steve Mylett Engages with Crowd – Photo Credit: David Nelson

Protests assembled on the afternoon of Sunday, May 31 in Downtown Bellevue. What began as a peaceful protest in Downtown Bellevue for the wrongful death of George Floyd turned into a tale of two scenes. One, an ongoing peaceful protest throughout the afternoon and evening, and another looting and vandalism throughout the downtown core of Bellevue.

These pictures and videos assembled from the various individuals provide a glimpse into the series of events that took place on what will likely be a notable day for years to come.


Beginning stages of the non-violent protestors

Bellevue Police deploy flash bang and tear gas into crowd of rioters

Attempts to break into Hermes at The Bravern

Looters entering Macy’s at Bellevue Square

Looters running through The Bravern

Protestors chanting “don’t shoot”

Successful engagement between those protesting and the Bellevue Police Chief

Steve Mylett addresses and engages with crowd of peaceful protestors

Looters entering Macy’s at Bellevue Square

Graffiti outside of Bellevue Square

Looters steal from Bellevue Square by filing up a garbage can

Video of looters inside Bellevue Square stealing merchandise

Car catches fire during riots in downtown Bellevue

Bellevue Police Department make arrests

A tale of two events: peaceful protesters and looters

Peaceful protestors take a knee

Store owner of cigar shop catches looters

SUV Driver goes through crowd of protestors

Looters steal goods from Bellevue Square stores

Protestors advocating for “Black Lives Matter” due to George Floyd’s death

Bellevue Police SWAT team engage with looters

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