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July 16, 2014 | | Comments 17

Asian Supermarket, Hmart to Open on Main Street in Bellevue

Asian Supermarket Hmart downtown bellevue Main Street
The New Jersey based Asian supermarket, Hmart plans to open open at 100 108th Ave NE in downtown Bellevue. The 73,383 square foot location was previously occupied by Boaters World several years ago. Signs within the windows have indicated that construction for Hmart will beginning soon.

It had previously been speculated that Trader Joe’s would take over this location on a few occasions over the years.

Hmart currently has stores nationally, as wells in Canada. Stores locally include Tacoma, Lynwood, and Federal Way. Also, according to there is a new downtown Seattle store going into the location previously occupied by Nordstrom Rack.

For more information on Hmart visit their website at,

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  1. First store? At least third store. There is an HMart in Federal Way and also one in Lynnwood already.

  2. There is also an H Mart in Tacoma

  3. lol…do you guys ever check your facts or have someone edit before posting? this blog is so bush league.

  4. The Federal Way store has been there a number of years. There is also an H Mart in Tigard, Oregon (believe that is a suburb of Portland). Also, although technically not in the US, there are 3 more in Vancouver, BC, just “up the road” per se.

  5. Please don’t let facts get in the way of a story. Editing and fact checking…Journalism 101 kids!

  6. Super excited about this store coming in to downtown Bellevue.

  7. RE: Store locations

    I’m guessing Michael just went to the H-Mart official website, and looked at the locations. Their map is a bit outdated, but I wouldn’t blame Michael for lack of research. At most, a lack of real life knowledge when it comes to Asian grocery stores outside Bellevue (which, this being a Downtown Bellevue blog, could be considered out of his realm of expertise).

  8. There are three H-Marts in Washington state…..Lakewood, Lynwood, and Federal Way

  9. There is a correction to be made. H-Mart will soon become a 99 ranch market. We will be opening a H-Mart in downtown Seattle as well.

  10. Thanks for all the feedback.

    Clearly the Hmart website is not updated appropriately. There is no sign of any stores in the Pacific Northwest on their store finder portion of their website.

    Article has been updated appropriately.

    (@Vincent, thanks for adding the store finder context)

  11. A 2 second google search from a local IP will immediately return map results and addresses of the 3 local stores. #justsayin

  12. I prefer to go to the source (the Hmart website), clearly that strategy didn’t work in this case.

  13. I hope they have a food court at this location!

  14. Michael, not sure why but the Pacific Northwest (Oregon, Washington and B.C.) have their own seperate H Mart web page. The website is currently closed for construction and has been for a while. Any word on when the downtown seattle store will open? Original reports stated august or September and there’s still no sign of activity at the location.

  15. Unfortunately no, I do not have any other new information on the Seattle store.

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