Construction begins this week as the City of Bellevue adds a bicycle lane and median to 108th Avenue Northeast, north of Main Street.

Downtown’s 108th Avenue Northeast will be closed between Northeast Second and Main streets from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday, March 16, through Friday, March 20.

The bicycle lane will be about half a block long and painted bright green to improve visibility. The existing median will be extended and modified and southbound bicyclists will be positioned to the left of right-turning cars.

City officials expect construction to be completed in April, weather permitting, according to a press statement.


  1. What good is a half-a-block bike lane?

  2. Agreed. What a waste of tax dollars!

  3. I thought I was reading that wrong, or that it was like a PHASE 1 thing. If not. Wow, that is a waste. With the transit center another 1.5 blocks away, shouldn’t it go at least that far? What about NORTH of the transit center? Good grief.

  4. So people gripe because people who cycle in town are in their way while in the street in front of cars. They gripe about the traffic congestion and how are streets are overcrowded with vehicles and how nice it would be to have less and less traffic. So the city decides to put in bike lanes. Because cycling on the sidewalks in downtown in not really an option with all the people who are walking. Cycling on the street right in between cars is not safe because, well, most people do not like have a cyclist who goes slower than the speed limit right in front of them. The only option for them to do is right almost right up on the curb. Which still is in the way of the outside lanes cars. So, the city decides to put in some bike lanes. Because some people actually want to bike to work instead of drive, or maybe they have a job as a carrier, like they do in Seattle. makes complete sense to me, and is a good use of tax dollars because they are trying to make the driving more manageable and each one, car and bike will have their own lanes. Not everyone wants to drive to work or when out and about. Not everyone wants to walk. Nothing wrong with having some bike lanes so there is definite space between cars and bikes.

  5. Apologies for the typos. Was unable to edit previous post.

  6. The point is that it is ONLY a half block long. How ridiculous. A lane going up to at least 8th would be smarter.

  7. I also don’t understand the thinking behind a partial bike lane. I agree we need to make cyclist safer, but how will this prevent some bad cyclists ie. Jimmy John’s delivery people, from riding in the street, sidewalk, through red lights, whichever is more convenient and easier. Maybe we should also work on making consistent laws for cyclists to follow to make it safer for them, as well as less stressful for drivers who are watching out for cars, pedestrians, and whichever of these 2 a cyclist may decide to be at any given moment? I personally would rather behind a slower cyclist than have to worry if that cyclist is going to cut in front to get to the sidewalk to keep the light, or run through a red light because there isn’t a car right there in front of them. Just a thought.