New Art Installation in Bellevue at Link Light Rail Base

Sound Transit’s Link light rail base in Bellevue has new artwork, located outside the security fence, along the Eastside Rail Corridor Trail. There are 45 sculptural nails extending 480 feet. According to Sound Transit, the sculptures are metal poles that are shaped to look like tall bent nails, painted with […]

City of Bellevue to Remove NE 12th Bridge

The Northeast 12th Street Pedestrian Bridge, that first went up in 1969, is set to come down this spring. The bridge, which runs along 108th Street and 110th Avenue Northeast, was originally constructed as a safe walking path to the old Ashwood Elementary School. The 386 foot-long arch overpass was […]

I-405 Lid Crossing Chosen as Segment of Grand Connection by City Council

There were three alternatives presented at the Bellevue City Council meeting in November, to decide which concept would be best for I-405 crossing segments and how they would connect with the Wilburton Commercial Area. The third alternative was unanimously chosen, the Grand Connection I-405 lid crossing. This was the staff’s […]

Bike Lanes and Bike Share Added to Downtown Bellevue

The bike lanes in downtown Bellevue are now operating, as of the end of July. The lanes run along 108th Avenue Northeast between Main Street and Northeast 12th Street. There is one lane on either side, which is separated from car lanes by temporary curbs, posts, painted buffer areas and […]

East Link Light Rail Tunnel in Bellevue Nears Completion

Sound Transit recently hit a big milestone on the East Link light rail tunnel development, as they announced it’s 90 percent complete. The tunnel is on track to be completed in mid-July. The project was kicked off in February 2017 and originally scheduled to be completed in 20 months. It […]