The Performing Arts Center Eastside (PACE) project will break ground in 2008, and is scheduled to open in 2010. The final design and proposal were officially approved. The original proposal was for $100 million, and now with upgrades has jumped to $160 million.

The 2,000-seat venue has the mission to, “Enrich Eastside cultural life with a wide diversity of live entrainment, arts, and education.” PACE promises to bring nationally and internationally acclaimed performances to Bellevue.

PACE when complete will be located in the midst of Downtown Bellevue at the corner of NE 10th St and 106th Ave NE.

Images Source Performing Arts Center Eastside


  1. Another reason not to go to Seattle!

  2. Great news for the Eastside, but getting something built is only half the challenge. Making it an institution within a community is something different. It is hard to create a compelling cultural attraction from scratch. Best of luck with this – given the (lack of) popularity with the Bellevue Arts Museum – I would be cautious.

  3. The Bellevue Arts Museum is mostly crafts. Personally I don’t care to see crafts art. Of all the “arts” crafts are the most boring, I can’t believe they thought that was a good idea.

    If they could get on the rotating displays like other museums, and say get things like the Titanic display, then we would see people actually going in there.

  4. There has not really been a venue in Bellevue that has allowed for the “Performing Arts”.

    The type of art that the Bellevue Art Museum displays is much different than what PACE will bring to Downtown Bellevue.

    I believe residents of Bellevue will have a high appreciation for a venue such as this in their backyard!

    Expect support to be high!

  5. Just what kind of performing arts are they planning? I took a look at their website and it seems most of the information is about the building and the community. It was vague regarding just what will be performed there. Touring Broadway style shows? Maybe touring symphonies and opera? It would be nice if there were strong alliances with the existing Eastside performing arts groups…maybe it would even be a good home for a new one…

  6. I’m weary of the location. They’re building an ugly apartment complex kiddy corner to PACE. I wish they built this next to the art museum (old safeway site) and make that the little arts/cultural corner…and it seems more “in downtown” than in the fringes.

  7. The last post was interesting. For such a small city core (12 blocks x 12 blocks) it seems that there is a lot of sub-division. I tend to agree with your post – the location is curious, but it is probably meant to increase traffic at the Hyatt rather than create a symbiotic entertainment/cultural area.

  8. To the previous poster, I think the reason for the subdivision feeling is that the blocks are so big. Four blocks away here is a decent distance.