If you are planning to visit the Wendy’s in Downtown Bellevue from this point on… Driver Beware:

Bellevue Place construction, which is in beginning stages of building an additional 351 rooms to the Hyatt has taken over the Wendy’s original entrance on Bellevue Way and most of their parking lot. The back entryway now becomes the sole entrance into Wendy’s. Parking is also very limited, which has created some major bottlenecks pouring onto the streets during peak hours.

Wendy’s is one of the few remaining fast food restaurants in Downtown Bellevue. Fast food chains are disappearing quickly so pick up a frosty, don’t waste anytime or it will be gone before you know it.


  1. Wow, that’s gonna kill their business if all that parking is taken away. I don’t think Kemper’s plans for that site are going to happen anytime soon so hopefully the Wendy’s will survive a little longer.

  2. I sure hope that some fast food type joints move into the retail floor of some of these new skyscrapers, we desperately need some quick food type places. Some of us don’t want to spend 30 bucks on dinner!

  3. do we know for sure that part of the lot Wendy’s sitting on belongs to Kemper Freeman?

  4. The best deal at Wendy’s is to get a double stack, and another $1 burger and combine them into one super burger. It has more fillings then any other $2 burger.

  5. “do we know for sure that part of the lot Wendy’s sitting on belongs to Kemper Freeman?”

    That part of the lot? Kemper Freeman OWNS THE LOT THAT WENDY’S IS ON. Wendy’s will be history – my undeerstanding is that there is to be another condo highrise in the northern part of teh Hyatt expansion.

    Wendy’s is operating on borrowed time.

  6. It’s funny that I sure will miss Wendy’s as I used to go there for lunch. I kind of like Wendy’s little buiding at that spot, but then again, time has changed, and if it is replaced with some beautiful highrise, I won’t complain as long as there is still some place to go for fast food. Wendy’s happens to be my favorite.

  7. Yeah we need more quick (and hopefully inexpensive) food places in downtown…Today was my first day of work and I quickly realized that the options for a quick 1 hour lunch were limited…saw only a chipotle and a subway. I ended up eating an expensive pre-made avocado sandwich at starbucks. 🙁

  8. @justin.

    “some fast food type joints move into the retail floor of some of these new skyscrapers”

    Will it increase the price too? For exampe, McD inside Bellevue Square.

    I rarely dined at Wendy’s, not sure why. However, FatBurger nearby isn’t that bad.

  9. I asked one of the managers (can’t remember his name now) if they were moving and he said, “No, we’re going to get a bigger parking lot.” Let’s hope that’s true as I do love the Frosties.

  10. Damn, I go there all the time (live across the street at 1200 townhomes). I hope they relocate nearby, there’s no other fastfood for 5 or six blocks.

  11. I’ve been watching the Wendys building, waiting for it to disappear in one weekend, but it hasn’t happened yet.

    I’ve lived at the Palazzo, 106th and 12th, for the past five years, and I was over at ParkRidge (11th and 112th for the previous five years) I knew that the dairy queen had been ready to go for years, and was disappointed when Tony Romas pulled out, but the Taco Bell was a complete surprise to me.

    I went down to the Taco Bell / KFC at the corner of Main and Bellevue way today to find out that they’d closed as of December 31st.

  12. Yeah, Wendy’s is no longer part of this project. They had gone back and forth, but I believe it will stay…at least for a little while.