Zen Asian Bistro & Lounge, as of last weekend, becomes the second venue to stay open until 2am (the first being Vertigo in the same building) and is the first and only restaurant in Downtown Bellevue to keep their kitchen open that late! The restaurant now lives up to “lounge” part in their name by extending hours Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.

“People are coming during the lunch hour,” said owner Shin Kim. “Our customers are asking for us to stay open later. Bellevue needs a restaurant open late. We feel we can provide that in addition to a great environment.”

Well, it looks like now there’s a place to grab some grub until the wee hours of the morning.



  1. are there really no other place open that late?

  2. There’s a Denny’s on the other side of 405!

  3. what about the wendys?

  4. Oh Come On!

  5. Denny’s is not in the Downtown Core, and I believe Wendy’s closes a bit earlier, plus it is drive through only late in the night.

    Jack in the Box is open late, but no actual restaurant (I do not consider fast food as a “restaurant”).

  6. Sushi at Zen just might be the best thing I can possibly think of eating after or during a night of LOTS of drinking…Love’n it!

  7. i don’t know about the best thing…i think la la needs to rephrase that and say that zen might be the only thing because bellevue doesn’t have anything else at that hour..

    try the beef satay!

    does zen do happy hour?

  8. What about The Tap House?

  9. Zen is starting to have happy hour on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights from 9pm to close!!!