The KFC on Bellevue Way and Main Street, which shared the space with Taco Bell, closed its doors for the last time on New Years Eve night.

This marks another fast food option in Downtown Bellevue eliminated. It won’t be long before you will need $10 or more if you plan to eat out in the area. The fast food options are getting quite scarce.

The closing of the KFC was propelled by a project in the works, which as presented, would be called “Bellevue at Main Street.” As proposed, it would be 138 apartment homes, 33,000 sq ft of retail and commercial real estate, and accommodate 492 parking stalls.


  1. I like the new construction, but dang we need more fast food places, or at least ‘quick eats’ type places like Jimmy Johns. Hopefully something can go into the bottom of the new place.

  2. Funny you mention Jimmy John’s ’cause they are going to close up shop this summer to make way for John Su’s massive Bellevue Plaza project. Hopefully they’ll take up space somewhere else in downtown.

    This is very exciting news, the KFC/Taco Bell was one of the last remaining business on that site. Do you know if the Budget Carwash is still open?

  3. Jimmy Jon’s is closing?!?! This is unacceptable.

  4. Don’t forget about the mustard seed closing.

    Also will this project include the Goodyear site?

  5. Carwash will be gone as well as the Goodyear.

  6. Carwash and Goodyear are both gone already. Only Mustard Seed and the Fast Frames store remain.

  7. I don’t mind losing the s**tty chain fast food joints, but this new building looks like a piece of crap. Can we get some architecture with character please? Or does Bellevue have to remain soulless forever? This is depressing.

  8. Old Bellevue is a bit traditional in its ways. Some can take traditional for boring, so I can see why you’d say that.

    The building isn’t really exciting in its looks, but lets give a chance to see what type of retail it attracts or the types of detail the building has.

    I do know one thing though, it is MUCH Better than what was previously existing there.

  9. Since this is the entry way to old bellevue, it would be nice if this didn’t look like it was trying to be like Kemper’s buildings a few blocks north. Give us a solid brick building with some character like the best ones in Pioneer Square, leave the new mall look to other areas.

  10. can they put a taco bell in bellevue towers please?

  11. will you settle for a taco time across the street?

  12. Who cares about taco bell & taco time when there is my favorite chipoltle!

  13. I think brick is UGLY!

  14. Jimmy Johns is going away?