Is it a bowling alley or a lounge? Well…after visiting, it is clearly both.

The 23,000 square foot venue is separated into three distinct sections. The first thing you’ll see upon entry is the largest lounge in Downtown Bellevue. The lounge has a very retro feel, with dim lighting and brown upholstery. On most Friday and Saturday nights, they will feature a DJ to keep the parties lively. Keep walking past the lounge, and you’ll enter the “Luxe.”

The Luxe is a new concept at Lucky Strike with a posh private party area. It has a dedicated bar, four private bowling lanes, and a larger than life video projection screen.

The third area is the bowling alley. It is equipped with 16 lanes, video projection screens, and plasmas everywhere! The bowling ranges in price, anywhere from $35 – $75 an hour, depending on the day and the time (see the pricing rates).

Bellevue’s newest hot spot is going to make waves. It will be the place to go! Regardless of what you want to do, it has it all…and more than enough space to move around in!


  1. I’ve gotta disagree. The bowling area was _small_. Try going in there when it’s crowded.


  2. Are you kidding? This blog can’t post anything NEGATIVE about anything in Bellevue if it’s new, shiny, and soul-less. Welcome to hell.

  3. okay…here’s the deal with lucky strike:

    a) it’s a lounge!
    b) read a) again…it’s a lounge!
    c) the bowling area takes up less than 1/3 the space of the place..they have 4 lanes in the special room in the back
    d) they have pool tables, 2 in the front which is the stupidest place to put them, but they’re there..
    e) it’s a bowling alley??? really?? i’ve never seen people dress like that to a bowling alley..
    f) the service blows!
    g) the food is not that great…
    h) i play pool today…and the triangle was broken…i mean it’s been open how long and already they’re giving clientelle broken sh*t???
    i)read a) again

    so here’s what i recommend you do people going looking to hang out in bellevue…

    eat somewhere else…pick a place…manzana’s a good choice..get full and if you want to bowl go to lucky strike..if you want to sit in bellevue’s nicest lounge to to lucky strike; else, go to vertigo or parlor.

    at the end of the day, lucky strike will primarily be used to host company parties and going away parties for MS…

    Note to Luck Strike: just because your wait staff are half-way descent looking (they’re not all that) doesn’t mean they know how to wait!!

    i believe in 2 yrs lucky strike will be replaced by something else!

  4. If you think Bellevue is hell, then I’d like to see where you think heaven is…yikes!

  5. It is just me or is it crazy expensive?!