In an article on Friday, the PSBJ reports Beacon Capital Partners LLC is creating plans for a high- rise office tower in the core of Downtown Bellevue at 10833 NE 8th St.

The newly proposed building would be 32-stories of office space and would be positioned to accomodate a 2nd building at the site as well.  The open space is in between the Yuen Lui photography studio and the First Congregational Church.


  1. could this design be any more boring?

    just what we need another box in bellevue…

    how about something with a lighted cone top? how about something that says wow?

  2. Like what? A Luxor pyramid? Maybe you should go into the architecture field.

  3. I agree with La La, this tower will be a great addition to 8th. True, it would be nice if they could have a nice retail base to compliment the Bravern, but obviously it isn’t that simple