With the recent openings of Shnoo Yogurt at Washington Square and 3 Berries within the Marriott Courtyard complex, Downtown Bellevue now has a total of 4 dedicated frozen yogurt specialty shops.

Red Mango and CeFiore have both opened in the last 13 months and are still very new to the area. Can this area support this many frozen yogurt shops, or will we see some fail miserably? The bigger question here may be, is frozen yogurt a fad or here to stay?

Which location is your favorite?


  1. Hands Down Red Mango!

  2. I’ve never been to Red Mango, but I LOVE CeFiore.

  3. Here’s the deal. Back in the ’90s and early ’00s, there were frozen yogurt places that had yummy flavors of frozen yogurt without just “healthy” toppings. (Is sugar cereal really “healthy”?). Places kinda like TCBY. These places had chocolate and peanut butter and coffee flavored frozen yogurt. They had candy, cookie, and hot fudge topics. What ever happened to those places?

    As a California transplant, my personal favorite is Golden Spoon. Why aren’t there places like this here?

    This plain/green tea frozen yogurt FAD is lame and should go the way of the dodo. Frozen yogurt can be non-fat and tasty!

  4. Also, there’s a TCBY in Factoria now.

    Other than that, the only place to get chocolate-flavored frozen yogurt in Seattle, afaik, is at Costco food court.

  5. CeFiore! They have more choices than Red Mango and they also serve Lavazza espresso!!

  6. Red Mango is absolutely the BEST!!It is tangy, and the toppings are actually fresh! Schnoo is terrible! It has no taste whatsoever, and the fruit toppings are not fresh, they are from a can. I give Schnoo a month before it closes down. Every time I pass by it, the store is completely empty, where as Red Mango always has a line out the door.

  7. DO NOT GO TO 3 Berries. It is so not worth it. They only have three yogurts to choose from and a variety of toppings each which cost extra. A 4oz serving is between $2 to 3.75 depending on which of the 3 yogurts you pick. Then a tablespoon of topping is about a $1 each, which I then watch most flow off the side of the yogurt and onto the flow as they tried to pour it on top. And do not touch any of the cups sitting on the counter as you make your selection otherwise it’s considered unsanitary per the server and you will have to pay. If unsanitary why are the cups on the counter for one to touch and very near coughing distance. Very odd.

  8. 3 Berries has the BEST KONA COFFEE! Only $1.50 for 16oz, and is the best around. No need to go to Starbucks anymore! The owner is very friendly.

  9. Seriously? This post is about frozen yogurt, not coffee. Coffee should be discussed on coffee posts.

  10. As well as the Kona Coffee, their yogurt is excellent, and the staff is friendly.