Shine Like A Star 2009 New Years Eve Party will turn out to be one of the largest parties on the Eastside! Hosted at Meydenbauer Center in Downtown Bellevue, the event was late confirming a location, but within this week of the announcement – tickets are going fast!

The event features a live performance by Pop and R&B Super Star Ne-Yo from 11pm – 1am. In addition, it will have other live musical performances, live DJ’s, a full service bar, concession stands, and a large dance floor.

The event, which holds up to 3,000 people, starts at 8pm New Years Eve and will ring in the New Year until 2:30am. The event is for those 21 and older. Click here to purchase or inquire about tickets.

KUBE 93 will host After Hours Party at Hilton Hotel in Bellevue.

The first person to email us at with Ne-Yo’s date of birth, will win 2 free tickets to the event!
Answer: Ne-Yo’s birthday is October 18th.

Vic was the first to respond to the trivia, and won the tickets. We received several inquires about the tickets. Thank you for all of those who responded.


  1. I’m sure all the old rich people are going to be waiting in line to buy tickets…

  2. Wow…this is a big name for downtown Bellevue!

  3. Wow what a bust. This party completely sucked with Ne-Yo not even showing up. Wish you all success getting a refund.

  4. We made it to the “party” last night. To start with, at 11pm there were probably 200-300 people in the room, staring at each other and wondering if they were at the right place. The stage was setup for like a school performance – SO UNPROFESSIONAL. Then the announcement came – Ne-Yo no show. The whole thing was SUCH A JOKE and SO DISAPPOINTING. A refund with apologies for a wasted evening is the least WET Entertainment can do! (Anyone pointers to their website or contact details – it’s not trivial finding them online…hmm)

  5. This looks so bad for Downtown Bellevue Network. I have relied on this site to help report the actual happenings in Bellevue and not to make them up. For you to state that “tickets are going fast!” and it “will turn out to be one of the largest parties on the Eastside!” are not opinion statements. Then to have the next post state that it was a total bomb and only a couple hundred people showed makes it sound like you don’t really check your info before you post.

    If you report from an original source you should link to them so at least we don’t think you were the ones who did the research and then blame you when it turns out to be wrong info.

  6. It's not the fault of Downtown Bellevue Network. How was anyone supposed to know Ne-Yo wouldn't show up? I got tickets to the event, and the few people I talked to from Wet Entertainment had nothing to say about Ne-Yo being a no show. This is why hip hop or R&B artists get a bad rap. Real musicians don't make their fans disappointed. Any if they do, they make it up!

  7. Wet Entertainment LLC was the company that set up the event. I had corresponded with promoters that worked for the event, and they had stated that the tickets were really starting to pick up on the last couple of days.

    Information from promoters stated that the event would hold up to 3,000 people, so clearly it had the “opportunity” to be one of the largest events in Bellevue.

    I would’ve linked to Wet Entertainment, but unfortunately they are nowhere to be found on the internet.

    The event was very poorly put together regardless of Ne-Yo showing up or not. Clearly in retrospect we wouldn’t have put the event up if we knew the outcome. We were mislead like the rest of you.

  8. Nowhere on any advertisements did it say “Ne-Yo will be performing live” or anything to that effect. It was simply “Ne-Yo will be doing the countdown.” Too bad it was supposed to be a nothing more than a simple video countdown over a live satellite feed the whole time. He was scheduled to be part of the NYC NYE Times Square party THE ENTIRE TIME!

  9. People should to learn to understand when they are dealing with hustlers – which is exactly what WET Entertainment is… a bunch of no name hustlers. Being a veteran in this business its pretty obvious that anyone who think Ne-yo (500,000k or more for NYE) showing up at the Meydenbauer Center deserves to get hustled and have their NYE ruined. And a website that helps this promoter ‘hustle’ his clients is either a) on the take, or b) full of shit. Christ, do some research for godsake.

    Sorry to those who got screwed, but there’s a reason why promotions is a business based on reputations.

  10. Christ, is everyone in Bellevue made of ice? To the people who keep insisting we deserved to get hustled, I’m not from Seattle. I drove up from two counties over with a friend because we thought it would be fun to do something special for our last New Years before we graduated. I have no clue about promotions or reputations or how events are typically run in the Seattle area. I just saw an event we could scrape together for and a chance to get out of town and, at least, see Ne-Yo.

    Yeah, this was an EXPENSIVE learning experience (especially for college students), but it sucked enough getting taken advantage of. We don’t need some know-it-all jerk posting that our lack of omniscience is our own fault.

    FYI, I had looked up info about the event before buying tickets, and I had seen people posting that they called KUBE, who confirmed Ne-Yo was coming, as well as seeing it on Mike Esterman’s (Ne-Yo’s booking agent) site. Even if his no-show was legit, there was no excuse for how weak the entirety of the event was. It was enough of a slap in the face to get taken advantage of, so go put your judgmental arrogance to use somewhere else. I’m sure there’s a family nearby that’s been foreclosed out of their home and just WAITING to hear from someone how its all their own fault for not understanding financing.