Over a year ago, Ruth’s Chris eliminated their late night happy hour – a decision made by the new owners that took over the Downtown Bellevue location. In mid-December, they brought it back by popular demand! Their late night happy hour is 9-11pm daily (9-10pm on Sundays).

Drinks included on the happy hour menu are: $3.95 well drinks, $2.95 draft beer, and $3.95 wine & champagne. If you’re in the mood for food, the menu features a cheese burger with fries for $3.95, seared Ahi tuna with spicy mustard for $4.95, coconut shrimp with orange marmalade sauce for $4.95, and much more.


  1. Palomino’s deal is better.

  2. Ruth’s Chris Happy Hour used to be great – until they raised the prices and got rid of the late night HH. I’m glad late nights are back!

    What do you like about Palomino’s Vik?

  3. Downtown Bellevue could definitely use more bars, especially on weekends. We were there last Saturday with friends trying to get a drink after dinner. All the bars, Palomino, Pearl, McCormicks, etc… were full standing room only. Parlor had a line that went all around the escalator on the third floor.

    Looking at the scene, you wouldn’t believe that the country is in a recession.

  4. What’s better about Palomino’s?

    Palomino’s has better-than-decent pizzas with great crust for $5 apiece and half price on many appetizers. Add a glass of wine for $4, and for under $15 total including tip, you can have a nice dinner. And the bartenders are good.

    I’m still mad at them for deleting the sun-dried tomato, shrimp and crusty bread appetizer from their menu, though. That was the best thing on it — a great light dinner, particularly when the weather’s warm.

    And with regards to the recession, why do you think my big dinners out are at happy hours? It’s a chance to eat out for a reasonable price.

    McCormick and Schmick’s is nice, too, but their bar is much smaller and there’s often a wait to get a seat.