Dear Lea,
I’m currently studying for the GMAT  and my girlfriend often works remotely. Do you have any suggestions for good study spots around Downtown Bellevue, that are quiet enough for me and have Wi-Fi for her?
– Study Buddy

Dear Study Buddy,

This is a good question! I personally don’t have anything to study for, but I do occasionally  like to go somewhere to read a book or work on my computer. Here are some cozy places I recommend, that come complete with Wi-Fi. Grab a cup of coffee or snack while you’re at it!

Tully’s Coffee on 108th & Main
– Has free Wi-Fi, plenty of outlets to plug in your computer, and high stools or comfy chairs

Panera Bread at 1100 Bellevue WayPanera Hotspot
–  Has free Wi-Fi, plenty of seating, and an aroma of fresh baked bread

Top Pot Doughnuts in Washington Square
– Has free Wi-Fi, a library-themed seating area, and did I mention the best doughnuts EVER

Starbucks at The Lodge
– Has free Wi-Fi, stays pretty quiet, and I hear they have pretty good coffee

Bellevue Regional Library on 11th and 110th
– This may seem like a no-brainer, but a lot of us forget about our great local library!

Bellevue Downtown Park
That’s right. The “Bellevue Outdoor Network” will get you free Wi-Fi anywhere outside in Downtown Bellevue. On a sunny day, I think the Downtown Park is the most enjoyable place to study.

I would caution you to stay away from these places during rush hour (before and after work hours) if you’re really concerned about it being quiet enough. However, the library is always a sure bet! Shh…

Hooking you up with Hotspots,


  1. Guys…..if you want to work/revise efficiently there are very few options.
    1. The library…as suggested previously
    2. At home in a quiet room.
    3. At a friends house in a quiet room

    Outside in the park or at the coffee house is not going to give you the best scores unless you are working as part of a team discussion.

    Focus is key…you need as few distractions as possible….

  2. Opened May 1, 2009 (Free WIFI for customers)
    Grand Cru Wine Bar and Wine Shop
    1020 108th Street NE #100 & 120
    Bellevue, WA 98004

    Monday-Thursday 4-11
    Friday/Saturday 4-12
    Closed on Sunday
    Happy Hour- Six days, twice daily a week-4-6 & 9-Close
    Available for Private Events and buyouts

    Phone: 425-455-4278

  3. I find it hard to work at home…too many distractions. Coffee shop is best for me. I frequent Starbucks at The Lodge & Top Pot.

  4. Thx! I was unaware that SBUX had free wi-fi at The Lodge.

  5. Good post! Great suggestions in the comments.

  6. I like the park idea. There are plenty of quiet areas in the park. 🙂 Good luck!