This year we’ve already seen a flurry of new restaurants that have roots in Seattle migrate over to Downtown Bellevue.  This shift adds to the urban lifestyle which is becoming more evident.  So far we’ve seen Seattle-based restaurants, including Blue C Sushi, Boom Noodle, El Gaucho, and Monsoon East, arrive into Downtown Bellevue.  Restaurants coming soon include Purple Café, Barrio, and Wild Ginger.

These locally-owned restaurants sprouted out of downtown Seattle and/or have one of their restaurants located there. They are hip and geared toward the urban lifestyle and are now making their way to Downtown Bellevue. The area that was once stereotyped as a sleepy city, now is in the beginning stages of attracting many condo dwellers, young professionals, and those looking for entertainment on the Eastside. This is a new demographic from who previously frequented Downtown Bellevue

Heavy Restaurant Groupcertainly believes there is an opportunity in Downtown Bellevue. They’ve taken 3 of the 4 retail spaces at the base of Bellevue Towers. Between the 3 restaurants, they will occupy 16,000 square feet. Purple Café, which many may be familiar with, has 3 locations in the area, Barrio, which currently is in Capital Hill, and Bliss, a new concept, are all planned to be restaurants at Bellevue Towers and will begin opening this summer.

The owners of Blue C Sushi and Boom Noodle have also taken a big risk and are hoping to reap big rewards at The Bellevue Collection. They have located their 2 Seattle-based restaurants right next to each other in Downtown Bellevue on the highly visible Bellevue Way.

Wild Ginger and Moonsoon until this year have only had one location each in Seattle. Monsoon East opened earlier this year in Old Bellevue, and Wild Ginger will open in September at The Bravern. Although being in an economical slump, both restaurants have spotted what they think is an opportunity for growth for their brands in Downtown Bellevue.

In general, within the last few years restaurants have been opening in significant quantities in Downtown Bellevue, but Seattle restaurant owners are showing now more than ever by placing bets on Downtown Bellevue, that they believe it will become a winner for them.

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