In February 2008 David Barton Gym was announced as one of the first tenants at The Shops at The Bravern in Bellevue. Fast forward to now, and they are less than 30 days from opening!

The popular and highly anticipated David Barton Gym will occupy an enormous 40,000 square feet on 2 levels at The Bravern. The gym, looking more like a sophisticated night club, will feature a large training floor, 4 large group-training rooms for spinning, group exercise, yoga, and Pilates, a dedicated cardio area with almost 100 pieces of equipment, a locker room with steam rooms, and even a daycare service. Also for members parking validation is free.

One of the biggest differentiators for David Barton Gym will be its jaw-dropping interior design. This isn’t your typical gym; the interior has been worked on by the award-winning design firm Studio Sofield. Each of David Barton’s gyms reflects the distinctive personality of the region. The Downtown Bellevue location will be no different and will incorporate a Northwest contemporary design twist.

David Barton Gym is new to the West coast, but has quite a loyal and long time following on the East coast in New York, Miami, and Chicago. David’s gyms attract many A-List celebrities such as Alex Rodriguez, Russel Simmons, Ellen DeGeneres, Cindy Crawford, Vera Wang, Calvin Klein, Will Smith, Uma Thurman, Jamie Fox, and George Clooney, to name a few! Those familiar with the brand know that David Barton Gym makes the promise to make you “look better naked.”

David Barton Gym currently has a pre-opening special for their Bellevue location with a lower monthly rate and $0 initiation fee, for those who sign-up before opening in September.

This month a third New York location opened in Astor Place.  Below are some pictures of the exceptional amenities and unique design at the Astor location.


  1. The photos and advertisements for this gym (with overly make-upped models) looks a little weird for my taste. It seems like working out is not the top priority for people joining this gym.

  2. I lived in NYC for a few years and worked out at two of their gyms. I can tell you from first hand experience that these gyms are ALL about working out, espec. with their trainers. There was always great energy and members were very friendly. The gyms themselves are works of art and I think they just like to have fun and are creative with their advertising.

  3. Looking forward to it!!

  4. What is the price range of the dues?

  5. Last I heard, the opening specials are in the $90-$100 per month range. Great to hear from Jessica that these are fun places to work out. I joined and am looking forward to the opening day!

  6. Interesting title, Michael. Where have I heard that before? 🙂

  7. Any pictures of the Bellevue gym??

  8. I agree with LD, this is definately a gym for people that like to look in the mirror, rather than work out (or hope that someone is looking at them) Perhaps this will serve as a magnet for these types of people so all the real gyms on the eastside will be that much nicer to go to.

  9. This place would be better without the attitude, no thanks for me.

  10. I wish I were here year round! Looks fabulous! I WANT SOME!

  11. I guarantee that no one in truly great shape has ever come out of one of these gyms. I suggest checking out – forging elite fitness. Forget the glitz, do some cleans and deadlifts, and pull-ups.

  12. Attitude and Disrespect!!! is all that I can say about this place.

    I signed up for DB gym, was looking forward to work out there. I was advices by sale person that I can stop by and check place any time after 09/12 but she suggested coming after 09/14. I understood that they were really busy and decided to come as she suggested. Went there on 09/17 and person that works at door didn’t let me in. After I tried to explain him that I am already member and just want to check out the place and will be out quickly. He kept giving me an attitude and saying that they private event and that members are not allowed, that will be understandable if manager didn’t called me day after to apologize and told me that she doesn’t understand why they didn’t let me in since they were letting members in.
    Why do I need to pay them so much money and being treated disrespectfully and with attitude.
    I will be going back to LA Fitness where I had membership before and canceled it because of DB.

  13. I didn’t check out the tour, but from the promotional photos, the place sounds pretty spectacular in terms of its setup and amenities. I’ll be curious to hear more from members as they get a sense of the place and get a chance to try everything out.

  14. Just went for my first workout today. I was impressed with the cardio equipment…it’s top notch, and theirs a lot of it! This is important to me because at other places I’ve gone in the past had wait times to use particular machines.

  15. I had my first workout this morning at DBG. I took the 90-minute Ashtanga Yoga class, and I enjoyed it. There were about 7 of us in class, all normal looking people (for those of you making assumptions), and the practice was athletic and challenging. I’m looking forward to taking more classes later this week!

  16. Eastside Working Mom

    I went to the gym twice this week. The decor is not as colorful or spectacular like their other gyms. It’s kind of rustic industrial/unfinished edges. The music on both trip was way too loud. I’ve tried the comped trainer session and it was good. The price for a trainer session is about $75-$100 per hour, depending on how many session package you buy. The machines are good and new. The music is just WAY TOO LOUD and I am not used to bring my own lock (I was spoiled by my old gym). I hope that overtime the glitz will get tone-down but at this moment, I am not sure if I want to stay a member.

  17. Well I got up early and was excited to attend a pilates class at David Barton Gym. I arrived only to find out that the schedule had changed (and not for the better). So far the experience hasn’t been great – they need to remember that they won’t survive without being nice to their customers (something the Pro Club does very well!)

  18. Loving the gym!! Great layout and equipment. The staff is super nice. I agree the music has been too loud but i love that they listened to me and adjusted the music when i complained. They seem to be fine tuning some of the details. Most importantly, it feels so different than the Pro Club – i want to spend time here.

  19. First off I want to say David Barton Gym ROCKS! I love it! I am so impressed with the facility and staff. Every time I walk in to the DB Gym I am still in shock it is a gym. David and his team sure have an amazing concept and product.
    I joined the gym before it even opened and I am going to continue my membership and refer all my friends.
    If you have not been in to check out the posh facility and state of the art equipment, you must! You will be totally impressed.
    The management also listens well to customer feedback and suggestions. One thing I suggested they decided to implement. It is a new facility, and first David Barton Gym on the west coast– so there will be some things they need to work out…. However, I am a happy and please member and will continue to support DB Gym.

  20. I joined the Bellevue David Barton Gym and quit after one week. If you love loud synthesized music with a booming disco beat in every room, including the locker room, it might be the place for you. They think the music is hip and sophisticated. I think it is cheesy and intrusive. Sorry DBG.

  21. Haha, you’re in for a wake up call! You have nooo idea what die-hards the members of any David Barton Gym are. The glam, sexy decor is what any hard-body A-lister would insist on. And the personal training is the world’s best. Serious design, serious trainers, serious results.

  22. Haha, you’re in for a wake up call! You have nooo idea what die-hards the members of any David Barton Gym are. The glam, sexy decor is what any hard-body A-lister would insist on. And the personal training is the world’s best. Serious design, serious trainers, serious results.

  23. I like the DB gym in Bellevue but at the end of the day it’s just a gym. I’m bored already. Sexy decor is nice but they did not go the extra step to make it really posh. What, you have to bring your own lock – really? No free tanning, no pool, no spa, no restaurant and you can’t get your car detailed while you work out. The equipment is nice but not enough of them and their classes are not innovative at all. I was really hoping this would be better than ProClub but it falls short of being an upscale club.

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  26. I have been a member of David barton Gym for the past seven month. I’m already so bored that I don’t feel like going there anymore. They only have limited options and it’s too little for the price they are offering.. Just so you know I also have pro-club membership and working out in David Barton for sometime makes me apperciate pro club more and I’m in the process of cancelling my membership. I was told that it’ll take atleast 60 days to cancel my membership and I need to pay for 60 days while it’s pending. What kind of system is that ? they pretty much make you pay their rent. My advice to other people is please do think twice before you decide joing the Gym, getting out is not that easy.