Screen shot 2010-01-13 at 11.14.27 PM 1The Italian pasta-focused Cantinetta in Wallingford is rumored to be opening a 2nd location in downtown Bellevue. And given that the lease on a currently-vacant restaurant on Main Street has just been signed, we are guessing Cantinetta will be taking over Salute’s old Italianate space.

A change is occurring on Main Street- if you haven’t noticed, 2 major retail tenants left over the New Year. Posh On Main and Christi’s On Main are either gone or going out of business (Posh was papered over by New Year’s Day). Ambiente Spa on Main Street and 102nd also went out of business this month.

So is Main Street becoming less of an upscale shopping street and now more a go-to for locally owned, quality dining? While we will miss Posh and Christi’s, more Main Street neighbors for Monsoon East, Bis on Main, and La Cocina Del Puerco are something to be excited about.

No word yet on Cantinetta’s opening…

Update: Caninetta will take the location of the Kitchen Remodel store that is no longer in business (two doors down from Gilberts).  The opening date is expected to be close to the beginning of Summer.