Football Downtown BellevueFootball season is in full effect, and the Huskies, Cougars, and Seahawks will provide us with action and entertainment over the next several months.

If you’re not able to make it out to the live games, or if your favorite team is out of town, the next best option is to watch them with other football fans in Downtown Bellevue! Here are a few recommendations of venues to watch the big games at this season:

What is your favorite place to watch football in Downtown Bellevue?  Sound off in our comments section below!


  1. The atmosphere at 520 Bar & Grill is always a great one for Husky Games. I love how they put the Husky flag up on game days!

  2. Hands down, Lucky Strike. Where else can you sit at the bar and have a big screen TV directly in front of you at eye-level.

  3. How did The Pump House not make this list?

  4. Im sorry, but how is John Howie on this list. Who thinks of a place like that to watch some football games (non football fans).

  5. I agree. If I have to wear a sweater vest to watch a game someplace, it shouldn’t be on this list. But this is the Bellevue blog, after all.

  6. @Tim Pump House is not technically in Downtown Bellevue.

    @DKB John Howie just started putting events together for the Huksy and Seahawk games starting last week. Thought we’d give them some credit. I don’t know of many of these places doing anything special for the games.

  7. All those places are great but I do think downtown Bellevue lacks a bonafide sports bar/restaurant, ie. espnzone, fox sport grill, etc.

  8. @Tim: Oh yeah I have to say the Pumphouse is my choice no contest! But yeah 520 bar & grill is a good second.

  9. Pumphouse is great, they play all the games and their breakfast is good.