Black Bottle Bellevue Avalon TowersBlack Bottle, the casual tavern currently located in Belltown will be opening a new location in Downtown Bellevue called ‘Black Bottle Postern.’ Black Bottle has confirmed that they are excited to be opening at Avalon Towers Bellevue on Bellevue way in February 2011.

The Black Bottle location in Seattle offers a modern atmosphere with a simple menu that features meats, seafood, and veggies, which are made with local and sustainable ingredients when possible. Black Bottle’s Seattle location also features a full bar and wine list.

More details will be revealed closer to the restaurant’s opening.


  1. Cool news!

    Good, quality restaurants are doing very well in Bellevue – I still find it challenging to get seats at Din Tai Fung and Cantinetta.

    I hope Black Bottle will be as good as the Seattle one, and more restaurants will cross the bridge. =)

  2. 0mg! *salivates* nom nom nom

  3. Yes! Just down the stairs! (well… elevator. I’m lazy)

  4. Awesome! I’m excited not to have to deal with parking in Belltown.

  5. Meredith, I couldn’t agree with you more. Parking in DT Seattle is a disaster (especially Bell Town).

  6. truly one of my all time favorite spots! So excited – how can I get on the grand opening list?