Tesla Motors Bellevue Square Store

Tesla Motors, the automotive company that is known for its high-performance electric powered cars, will open a store in Bellevue Square.

The middle of a shopping mall is not typically where you would expect to find a car showroom, but then again, this is not your typical car brand. It has been noted that Tesla takes its retail cues from Apple, Starbucks, and other non-automotive retailers.

This will be Tesla’s 15th store in the United States and the 2nd store in the greater Seattle area. The store will be located on the 2nd level next to Clark’s Footwear.



  1. I hope they allow test drives around the mall.

  2. @Dirk ha, I would love to see this! Hopefully they have some way without going to Seattle where you can test drive the cars.

  3. hmmmmm I don’t really get it. There are so many stores I would love to see in Bell Sq and a car dealer isn’t one of them.
    Tesla couldn’t find enough vacant space on Auto Row / 116th???

  4. @Rachel – think of it as selling a lifestyle, not just a car.

    Tesla doesn’t have any retail space on typical car lot strips, because those are for mass market cars selling in high volume. You’re not going to walk into a Tesla shop anywhere and drive home the same day – you have to order the vehicle and wait for it. You might have seen Ferrari or Porsche stores in malls (several do exist) and I assume that this will be similar to those stores. You can look at a test model there, buy lots of merchandise with the Tesla logo, and order a new Tesla if you want.

  5. The Model S is pretty sweet – nice to see electric cars with a little appeal. Never made much sense why most electric options are the most hideous cars on the road – it doesn’t provide much incentive to go green.

  6. Nothing about the Fishkar showroom opening next to What the Pho? at 8th & 108th?