Bellevue Post Office Consolidation

Both the Bellevue Way and Midlake post office branches will close and retail operations will move to a new facility in downtown Bellevue by mid-2013, according to an article in The Bellevue Reporter.

The U.S. Postal Service announced the changes this week as part of a national consolidation campaign to save the agency $2.1 billion each year.

The USPS is looking for a location for the new facility and is accepting public input. The site will require 10,000 square feet of retail space, 80 to 90 customer parking spaces, and 10 employee parking spaces.

The boundaries for the facility’s location are Northeast 12th Street to the north, Main Street to the south, 120th Avenue Northeast to the east, and 100th Avenue Northeast to the west. Readers, do you have any suggestions for the new location?

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  1. That wasteland just behind Wat the Pho

  2. Another question that should be asked is what should go into both post office locations. The location on Bellevue Way is prime real estate.

  3. It sounds like the USPS plan calls for a new building

    There appears to be plenty of empty property on the east side of 116th Ave NE near NE 4th St.

    Won’t the new post office also have a distribution center like the one on Bellevue Way NE & NE 12th which requires mail truck parking & sorting space?

    John Gowdy

  4. What about that giant empty parking lot on the SW corner of NE 8th St and 110th Ave NE? I’m surprised no developer has bought that out yet.

    There’s also the empty lot on the SW corner of NE 10th St and 110th Ave NE (across from the library), which I believe was supposed to be luxury condos but then the money fell through.

    Shockingly, there are actually quite a few empty lots in downtown Bellevue that could be put to good use.

  5. Main and Bellevue Way, in the KFC/Tire parcel.

    110th and 2nd, where the delapidated used car luxury dealership/empty parcel is.

  6. I thought the post office is out of money. How does buying a new building save money?

  7. @Jason: They may not own the building(s) they’re in right now, and rent might be cheaper somewhere else, where they’re not taking up prime real-estate. I’m convinced it would be ceaper for them to be east of I405

    I’m just guessing, obviously. 🙂

  8. If they own the land they are on on Bellevue Way, they could make a huge profit by selling it and moving to a big store inside a high rise.

  9. Don’t care where they move, as long as they aren’t talking about an 80-90 car parking lot. That would be insane. Grabbing a spot in a building with the parking below ground would be acceptable.

  10. Why don’t they move into the space over at Washington Square. I hear that they are going to be building the rest of that block out soon anyway.

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  12. Suggestion: 116th Ave NE near NE 4th St on
    East side of street. There appears to be
    vacant car dealer building and an enormous
    amount of potential parking space. You may
    need to enlarge building.