Koral Bar Kitchen Bellevue Place OpensBradley Dickinson and Mikel Rogers, of PEARL Bar & Dining, will open their new downtown eatery this week, offering reasonably priced, upscale American cuisine served in an inviting atmosphere.

KORAL Bar & Kitchen opens on Thursday, March 1, in the Hyatt Regency Bellevue, at 900 Bellevue Way NE.

The restaurant’s “New American Kitchen” concept features appetizers, small plates, and regional American entrees, such as the Kitchen Burger with rosemary sea salt fries ($12), Blue Cheese Meatloaf with Yukon Gold potatoes and caramel carrots ($17), and the Imperial Farms Center-cut Sirloin with salt-roasted potatoes and tempura mushrooms ($21).

KORAL’s head chef, Peter Kelley, will take the lead in the open exhibition kitchen as well as assist Executive Chef Dickinson with menu development and day-to-day operations. The team also includes general manager Tracy Ducken, who has worked with Dickinson and Rogers at several Eastside restaurants.

Beginning Thursday, KORAL’s hours are 4pm to 10pm Monday through Saturday and 4pm to 9pm Sunday. A custom designed back bar will be open every day, from 3pm to midnight. Starting March 17, brunch will be served on Saturdays and Sundays, from 9am to 2pm.


  1. Great website! You can’t view the menu but you can see the floorplan from the architect. The first thing I’m looking for at a new restaurant is the floorplan. Don’t care about the food at all.

    Just another place that will fail in this building.

  2. @Ripper: I thought it was weird as well. I’m assuming that they don’t have the menu all figured out (or all printed out) yet, but the floor plan is all set. I wish I had seen a teaser menu though, even limited.

    As to whether it fails, I hope it fares better than the other restaurants that have been there up until now. I kind of have high hopes for it, based on the people behind it (I’m quite a fan of Pearl).

  3. Well… We were just being impatient. The menus is up!


  4. Perhaps I was being too critical. The menu does look pretty tasty, I’m just worried they’ll fail in this space like every other place has. Just doesn’t seem like a great space — mostly the street frontage is bad. Hope they make it.

  5. Good Luck y’all.

  6. The food looks good, but I’m disappointed by the name. With Pearl and Earl’s around the corner from each other, why not something equally confusing– I’d suggest “Joy”.

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